Monday, January 4, 2010

CND: Some Favorites From The Old Line

Above & Below: Those of you who know my color preferences have got to realize that Okey Dokey Artichokie is one of my favorites from CND's old line of polishes. A stunning Olive green shimmer with a slight pink duo chrome and gold and pink shimmer...need I say more?
Below: Vitality is a perfect coral creme.
Below: Hotski To Tchotchke, another favorite of mine. This bright turquoise shade is a metallic frost.
Below: I've always loved the creme formula of CND, and cremes have never been among my favorites, simply because I have trouble with them from an application standpoint. CND's cremes, both the old and the new formula, apply like a dream for me. Regal Revenge is a vivid fuchsia shade.
Below: Rock Royalty is a true purple shade with very fine shimmer. In some lighting, it looks more like a creme, but brighter lighting brings out the shimmer.
Below: As much as I love the old polishes from CND, as you can see below, their new line is nothing to be disappointed about. This is one coat of Ice Blue Shimmer over Rock Royalty.
As most of you know, CND (formerly known as Creative Nail Design) is no longer producing their older line of polishes, choosing instead to introduce and focus on their newly formulated Colour & Effects line. Not that there's anything wrong with their new line. In fact, I named it among my Top 10 nail polishes in my year end post last week. If you click here, you can see more of the Colour & Effects that I've posted about, as well as a few more of the older polishes. I have always loved this line, both the new and the old, and thought it might be a good idea to show you some more of the old ones, in case you'd like to hunt some down before they're all gone. I used 2 coats on all of the polishes pictured, and although I've heard complaints from others that they tend to have a slow drying time, I personally have never experienced this. They made some fabulous shades and I'm happy to have quite a few of them in my collection. I'll be keeping my eye out for more of the older ones, because part of the fun in this nail polish hobby of ours, is finding those treasured shades that are no longer readily available.


  1. Gorgeous colors, Vitality is my favorite I think!

  2. Regal Revenge is awesome! So is Rock Royalty, but I already have that's not so interesting. =)

  3. I love my old CND's and I do wish they would continue, but the new line is great and layering is fun.

  4. The Ice Blue Shimmer over Rock Royalty is AMAZING! So Gorgeous!

  5. That first color looks so gorgeous, but I love all of them!

  6. I love the first polish. I'm all about the olive green shades. I like all the older shades. They are on my "wants" list.

  7. Great choice! Now I am wondering why I put Okey Dokey Artichokie away :(

  8. Hotski To Tchotchke was one of my first polishes when my polish addiction really rised :P But they all seem like really great colors :D

  9. Gina~I love a perfect coral, and this is one of them.

    nihrida~it has just a touch of purple so it's not too pink. Does that make sense?!!

    Evil Angel~I total agree, the old ones were great and I'm sorry to see them go. But I do like the new ones I have as well.

    Phyrra~of the 3 Effects I have, this is the one that changes the most drastically. Love it!

    gildedangel~that one is one of my favorites, being a lover of all greens. It's so pretty the way it changes in the light.

    Lucy~glad you like this one too. The old ones are still out there, so you'd better start buying them up :)

    AllYouDesire~ha-ha, I always keep mine right in the front because I love looking at it.

    hitomi~I buy lots of coral shades (too many!), but this one is perfect.

    rijaH~that's a great one to get you started in this dangerous habit of our!

  10. Wow, I think I have Essie dupes for both Vitality and Regal Revenge and these swatches make me want to go dig them out. I love the shades.