Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BB Couture Hands of Hope Nail Wheel Swatches

As many of you are aware, BB Couture and Overall Beauty have teamed up to raise $5,000.00 from the proceeds of this special collection, Hands of Hope. The proceeds will go to the Salvation Army to assist them in helping the people of Haiti, who have suffered dramatically over the past week from a devastating earthquake. 25% of all purchases from this collection will be donated, and with our help, this goal can be reached. There are many relief efforts taking place for this cause, and every little bit helps. I received 5 of the six shades today, and after fighting for hours with my camera, the camera finally won. I won't go into the frustration I felt in trying to swatch these, only to find out that one of the sensors is starting to go out on my camera...after I'd swatched all 5 of them! Needless to say, the pictures didn't turn out and I'll get a new camera tomorrow. I wanted to get this up one way or another, in case you were considering helping out the cause and wanted some idea as to what the colors looked like. These all applied perfectly in 2 coats, and of these 5, 4 are cremes and 1 is a shimmer (Tortuga Island). I'm very pleased with the shades in this collection, because they're definitely Spring-like, but they're not your typical pastels. I'm starting to tire of so many pastels coming out, so these brighter and different versions are a nice change. These polishes are available at Overall Beauty, and there is free shipping available at $50.00. Please click here to read more about this collection on Kim's (Overall Beauty) blog. I will share proper swatches with you as soon as I am able to. NOTE: You can purchase the entire set (which also includes a bottle of the Top Rock top coat), or just purchase your favorites individually. Either way, 25% of all purchases from any sales of the Hands of Hope polishes will go toward the cause.
Above & Below: I took these in various lighting on light and dark backgrounds to give you a better idea of the colors. L-R: Kyone Beach, Bassins Bleu, Tortuga Island, Labadie Beach, Cap-Haitien. I took some bottle comparison pictures to show you how these looked next to similar polishes, but yes, the pictures didn't turn out. I can tell you that Kyone Beach is a lighter, much more subtle version of For Audrey with a touch of grey, and that Bassins Bleu is a Seafoam green that next to China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, is several shades lighter and a bit more 'Mint', although I would certainly not classify it as a Mint.
*This post features sample products furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm.


  1. It's just so nice to help causes like this. And also help those who so desperately needs, we can still have beautiful colors in our collection. Unfortunately I can not get that brand here in Brazil.

  2. Hi Mary!
    Please let your readers know that if they can not afford the full set of 6 of Hands of Hope, I am selling them as singles as well. And 25% of the sale of the singles is also going towards our goal of 5000.00.. Thanks so very much for all your help Mary, you are the best!
    ~Kim Overallbeauty.com

  3. Awesome effort from a great company! Cindy sent me Tortuga Island, and I'm definitely gonna be getting the other colors. That pink is so pretty

  4. Love the blue and lavender ones.

  5. I LOVE the green one! They are all beautiful though, I think I will have to get one or two to support the cause!

  6. Those are all so yummy looking! Just right right for the spring season. Or really any time of the year. They're such happy colors. Thats a great way to support a cause.

  7. Wow, I really like all of those shades. Really like ALL of them, thats a problem. lol

  8. They are lovely indeed! I just posted about this on my blog, the more people spreading the word, the more help the citizens of Haiti will get - great, great cause ;)

  9. Miss Patel~they're all great shades for Spring!

    Vanessa~yes, a great cause, I agree. Thanks for the mention on your blog also :)

    adorepink~that is a problem, isn't it?!! There are some lovely colors in this collection.

    Velvet~the Spring colors make me happy too. Just a few more months until things warm up!

    Alia Shardae~yes, you get some nice polishes and you get to help out. Both make us happy!

    gildedangel~I agree, I'm not sure I could pick a favorite, because I really love them all!

    nihrida~I knew you'd especially like the lavender one :)

    Ange-Marie~the green one is so pretty. A unique green, and I love the shimmer.

    Kim~updated the post! Thanks for the info.

    Camila~I am quite sure Kim ships Internationally, and the rates are pretty reasonable.

  10. These look like Easter Egg colors. I got my set yesterday and I don't think they look very pastel like. I think they're more dusty shades. I really like them. How many pastels can a girl have. I guess we shouldn't ask ourselves that!