Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BB Couture Hands of Hope: Labadie Beach

Above & Below: Labadie Beach is shown using 2 coats. The top photo is with Ott lighting, while the photo below is with a flash. I compared it to a number of pinks and didn't have anything terribly close in color, so I looked at some Fuchsia shades I have, and found it to be more of a delicate shade of Fuchsia.
Labadie Beach, a soft Fuchsia shade, is another polish from the Hands of Hope Collection designed by BB Couture and available at Overall Beauty. A portion of all sales from this collection will go toward relief efforts in Haiti, specifically to the Salvation Army. As you can see in the photos if you look closely, there appears to be the slightest hint of shimmer, but it is virtually unnoticeable once applied to the nail. This is such a creamy polish, and it reminded me of raspberry sherbet, for some reason!


  1. Gorgeous colour. Nice hot pink shade. Perfect for the summer...whenever that arrives :(

  2. Really like the shimmer! very subtle, cute color too :-)

  3. Beautiful hot pink and the shimmer is perfect!

  4. Kelly~I don't know when it will arrive, but I'm ready for it! These shades are making me wish it were warm now!

    gildedangel~glad you like it!

    Michele~I like just the touch of shimmer also. Not obvious to anyone at normal viewing distance, but I know it's there.

    Evil Angel~it's not too terribly bright though...just right!

  5. What a pretty pretty color! I ordered this & Cape-Haitian & can't wait ti get them!!

    I usually have issues applying cremes but I am hoping for success with these!!

  6. I agree that this looks like raspberry sherbet. Yummy shade!

  7. Kaide~I have issues with cremes all the time! These definitely work better for me than many other brands.

    Lucy~isn't it pretty? :)

  8. What a gorgeous pink polish. I love the barely-there shimmer too.


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