Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BB Couture Hands of Hope: Kyona Beach

Above & Below: Kyona Beach, a muted Robin's Egg blue, is shown using 2 coats. The top photo is under an Ott light, while the bottom photo is with a flash.
Below: Here is a bottle comparison with Essie Mint Candy Apple and China Glaze For Audrey.
Kyona Beach is one of 6 polishes being offered in the Hands of Hope collection by BB Couture and available at Overall Beauty. 25% of each sale from this set (you can purchase a set or purchase them individually) will go to the Salvation Army to assist them with their relief efforts in Haiti. I haven't gone out yet to get a new camera and this one is still giving me problems. I find if I shake it really hard, I'm able to get a couple of pictures to turn out though! If you scroll down to the post beneath this one, you can see nail wheel swatches of 5 out of the 6 polishes in this collection.


  1. Thanks Mary! You didn't drop your brand new camera in a toilet while on vacation in Mexico. ;) Darn it if the little guy didn't finally give up ghost till 2 years later! Got to love a Canon point and shoot!! The color look amazing on you by the way.. ;)

    Kim ~

  2. Ooo, that is a beautiful color!

  3. Such a lovely colour!

  4. That looks like the grey blue from Essie last spring. Close?

  5. This is an amazing color and I need to have it! It's the exact color of the Vespa I want, lol!

  6. Kim~I do love Canon's, and this is the first time I've had a problem with one. I'll be getting another one though from them.

    gildedangel~this is likely a favorite, a totally unique shade compared to any I have.

    Kelly~thank you, I really like it a lot :)

    Anonymous~it does look similar, but sadly, I don't believe I have it to compare for us.

    Get Nailed~a fantastic reason to get it then! It's beautiful and that would be a great color for a Vespa!

  7. This is a gorgeous shade. Very pretty on you. I only have a mini of Mint Candy Apple so this polish makes me happy.