Sunday, January 24, 2010

BB Couture Hands of Hope: Cap-Haitien & Paradise

Above & Below: Cap-Haitien, like all of the polishes in this collection, covered perfectly using 2 coats. This is a darker shade of lavender and is a creme. The application on all of these was nothing less than extremely good. The Ott light photo above is more color-accurate than the one taken with a flash below.
Above & Below: Paradise is an off-white or pale taupe shade that has the slightest bit of shimmer to it. The above photo is under an Ott light, which shows the color quite accurately, while the photo below was taken with a flash.
Today I have the last of the BB Couture Hands of Hope polishes to show you, and if you'd like to see the other 4 shades, just scroll down a few posts and you'll be able to view them. Kim from Overall Beauty has these available on her site, and she has teamed up with Cindy from BB Couture to donate 25% of all proceeds from any Hands of Hope polish purchase to the Salvation Army. Granted, these may not look as hot as George Clooney did on Friday night's Hope for Haiti fundraiser, but they're still very beautiful shades of polish, and certainly for a worthwhile cause.


  1. Wow, so pretty! The purple one is my favourite ;)

  2. Haha! Oh Mary, you're so cute. I'm a huge George Clooney fan too. Yum. These two are SO pretty!

  3. Great swatches, they are really pretty!

  4. I love both of them, they look lovely maybe not as much as George Clooney but never mind!I love George Clooney too <3

  5. Those colors are absolutely gorgeous on you, especially that luscious purple!

    Hope you don't mind guys like myself commenting on women wearing nail polishes.:) I'm also wondering if women also happens to love nail polish on men as well? I'm thinking about trying it as well.

  6. I love those shades! I kinda want to combine them. Purple with a konad pattern stamped with Paradise.

  7. They are all gorgeous. I love both of these. When I got my collection I was a little skepticalabout Paradise. Seeing it on you makes me feel better. It's really a lovely neutral. Maybe I could trade a bottle of polish for George? What a hunky man!

  8. Netty's World~I really like the way that one looks. I'm kind of iffy about lavenders, but this one is lovely.

    Nicole~he is quite handsome! And the polishes--yes, I love this whole collection!

    gildedangel~thank you! Beautiful shades.

    Katie~if we can't have George, at least we can have these :)

    Garland~your comments are welcome! BB Couture makes a line for men, but I use them too, because they have great colors! Seems like more men are starting to use polish--check it out--if you like it, that's fine!

    Chrissy~that would be a pretty combination. Do it!

    Celine~I was surprised how much I liked the lavender, those shades don't usually look that good with my winter skin tone.

    Lucy~Paradise is really pretty, reminds me of white sandy beaches. And George? Yes, Very nice :)