Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vampy Varnish BB Couture Collection: Part II

Above & Below: Redwood Forest, shown in 2 coats. This is a vibrant, deep Kelly green shade with a jelly-type base and aqua glitter. Pardon the mess on my cuticles! This was my last swatch and I was getting tired!
Below: Vampy Varnish, the collection's namesake polish, is actually a very complicated color to explain. It seems to have a charcoal base, but there is definitely green in there as well, although it is difficult to capture with a photo. The glitter is actually Emerald green and quite obvious in real life. When I applied this shade, my first thought was 'this is China Glaze Emerald Sparkle's deep, brooding older brother'. Simply beautiful.
Below: Kelly's Green, shown in 2 coats. Now this is what I call a unique shade, and I adore it. I showed my husband this collection and he chose this one immediately as his favorite. Not that he'd ever wear nail polish, but he does like the color. I would describe this as a pastel olive, if there is such a thing. It has tiny silver, gold, green and black glitter...those are the colors I see anyway. Click here to read Kelly's more detailed color descriptions.
The last 3 shades in this collection are just as beautiful as the first 3 I showed earlier today. I'd have a difficult time choosing my personal favorite, because I honestly love all of them. These shades are all unique to my collection and the finishes, although all glitters, seem to have quite a bit of variance as well. I wish the sun were out, because I just know they'd impress me even more...especially Napa Valley Red and Vampy Varnish. All 6 of these polishes covered perfectly with 2 coats, although I was able to get away with just 1 coat of Union Square in the post below. Scroll down if you missed the first 3 shades in this collection developed by Kelly, of Vampy Varnish fame. These are available at Overall Beauty for $9.00 each.


  1. I love Kelly's green too, gorgeous shade, thanx fr swatching and have a great New Year's eve ♥

  2. That final one is an absolute must have for me, if I don't get anything else. I think I like your description of it! Cute. I really like all of these though. Awesome job, again Mary!

  3. This is an amazing collection! Kelly did such a great job :) I've only ordered 3 shades so far,but I plan on getting the entire collection. Gorgeous!

  4. Wow! I really love Kelly's Green! :) They all look great on you! :)

  5. Great swatches! I have to have Kelly's green! It's so unique!

  6. Redwood forest is amazing! I think I need to place an order now!

  7. i don't like kelly's green...the other 2 are great, but, this looks a bit muddy to me...

  8. All of them are very pretty! The green polish is my favourite out of these three!

  9. Celine~Happy New Year to you! Isn't that an beautiful shade. Different, yes, but I love it.

    Nicole~I have not seen a polish anything remotely like this one. I'm a green fanatic anyway, so yes, I love it too!

    gildedangel~the whole collection is perfect. Not a bad color in the set.

    Pinkginger~I couldn't agree with you more!

    Olivia~thank you! Love this collection.

    Liz~I'm really happy everyone else loves this one too! It's so unique.

    Get Nailed~Redwood Forest is lovely too. I love the jelly base.

    hitomi~I guess you could say it is a bit muddy, and it's a shade that isn't for everyone. But that's all right! Glad you like the others :)

    Kelly~yes they are indeed pretty. Which green polish, they're all green! Ha-Ha :)

  10. I ordered this collection as soon as it was on sale at Overallbeauty. I haven't worn any of them yet. I just had to admire the beautiful shades. The colors are truly beautiful and unique. It's hard to pick a favorite.