Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playing Catch Up! More BB Couture Men's Polishes

Above: BB Couture Grenade may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it! These all covered nicely in 2 coats and the photos were taken indoors with a flash. Grenade is an Olive green shimmer with very fine gold and multi-colored shimmer or glitter.
Above: Night Ops is more of a shimmer with glitter. It's a deep cobalt blue with a hint of teal, and the glitter is an aqua jeweled tone.
Below: Military Blues is one of those special polishes that seem to glow from within. It's a deep royal blue shimmer that reflects the light in such a way that the color appears to fade from a lighter to a darker shade.
Whew, I got my Rescue Beauty Lounge order in! I'm trying to play catch up on my blog today because I'm massively behind on swatching and comments. I keep a small stash of polishes on my desk that I never got around to posting about, usually leftover ones from collections I've started to share with you but never finished, so I'm trying to clean those up. Today I have the last of the men's polishes from BB Couture/Overall Beauty that I was posting last week, and I still have 2 China Glaze Glitters and 2 of Old Navy's Tip Toe polishes sitting here, which I'll try and swatch later today. I received swatches from Yen at Victoria Nail Supply of the new Color Club Japanese Exclusive Glitters they'll be stocking soon, so I'd like to get those posted up as well.


  1. I don't know why these need to be "mens". They're all great! I like Night Ops, I love dark sparkly/shimmers.

  2. I have that first collection. I haven't even worn any of them yet. I ordered the second men's collection and the disco collection from OverallBeauty. I got my Rescue Beauty order in also. Those gorgeous polishes look fantastic on you. I especially love the green of course.

  3. Those look really cool, although I am not sure why they are "men's" polishes.

  4. Night Ops is so hot! I have to get at least that one!

  5. I love both those. And I'm lovin those military names! I got my RBL order in and I haven't been so excited in a long time

  6. I love them both! Grenade is next on my list.

  7. Mary, I hear you about stray bottles from past collections. I think I am going to have a 'housekeeping week' in January to give those shades some nail time!

    Grenade is a gorgeous green. Perhaps not for everyone, but certainly for us. :)

  8. Danica~I know, they're perfect for us ladies!

    Lucy~I've had these for months, I really need to be a little more proactive with my swatching :)

    gildedangel~I guess just to attract another market, but we like them too!

    Evil Angel~BB Couture always has such unique shades. You need to check them out!

    Ange-Marie~glad you like them! I think my RBL order will be here Monday...so excited!

    Pinkginger~glad you like Grenade also. I just love it!

    Diana~I just need to take a week and do nothing bit swatch to get caught up! But you know that can't happen, unfortunately! Grenade is a stunner, I agree, although I'm sure not everyone feels that way. What's wrong with them?!!

  9. wonder why i hadn't put night ops on my bb couture wish list yet