Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My last 2 China Glaze Glitters...Finally!

Above & Below: China Glaze Medallion is a fairly bright gold, filled with multi-colored and multi-shaped holographic glitter. I used 3 coats and the photos were taken indoors with a flash.
Below: Glitter detail close-up. You can still see through the skin under my nail with 3 coats, but the density of the glitter is so bold that on the nail at a normal distance, it looks fine.
Below: This is a messy swatch showing 1 coat of China Glaze Dripping Wet (a deep red/burgundy jelly) over Medallion.
Below: China Glaze Cloud Nine is shown indoors with a flash in the first photo, and outdoors with no flash in the second photo. I used 3 coats and the formula seemed a bit thick, so I'll add a few drops of thinner the next time I use it. I love the subtle gold and pink flash of iridescent glitter in lower lighting.

I finally got around to swatching the last 2 glitters from China Glaze and I love Medallion! Cloud Nine doesn't look so great with my winter skin tone, but it's still got some promise. I think I'll try frankening a teal with it, because the glitter is so pretty with it's flashes of pink and gold. Before I removed Medallion I wanted to do a quick swatch of another color over it, because the glitter is so strong, I was certain it would show through. I used one coat of China Glaze Dripping Wet and it is gorgeous! Now I wish I'd done all of my nails using that combination. It's certainly a polish I'll keep in mind for layering over in the future.


  1. Ohh - I LOVE Medallion!! Such a gorgeous Holiday glitter. I've been debating which ones to get from this collection, and this one is sure to be on the list ;)

  2. Medallion is fun!! Dripping wet over it = LOVE!!! Super pretty. When you franken the teal you're talking about, I think you're gonna have to bottle up some samples and send out to people (or at least to me) because that sounds like it would be the bomb diggity!! :-)

  3. Mary, your post title cracked me up. I have barely started wearing my China Glaze glitters. My nails have a lot of work to do. ;)

    Layering a jelly polish over a strong glitter is genius! I will have to give that a try.

  4. I love those, they are so pretty!

  5. both look great, but this combination og glitter and jelly is simply amazing<3

  6. Haha, I still have about a million to go! Not really, but I do have a lot I haven't acquired, and thanks to your swatches, have been able to decide I don't need ALL of them, thankfully! But it's a fun collection, for sure. I love Cloud Nine, I can see it working with some other polishes for some fun layering! And Medallion I've had and it's SO blingy, great for the holidays - but WOW it looks amazing over Dripping Wet!

  7. I love Medallion and had three coats on awhile ago. I had it on heavy and it took me 3 and a half hours to get it off It's still gorgeous. I love Dripping Wet over the Medallion. Your nails look just gorgeous.

  8. Vanessa~there were a few I got which after seeing them in real life, I realized I could do without. But this one is a must!

    Euridice~every time I looked at Cloud Nine I thought how pretty it would look as a teal, so I'm going to have to find the time to find out!

    Diana~I have been so busy lately, and I'm getting further and further behind! I'll definitely layer more shades over Medallion!

    GildedAngel~glad you like them!

    Konadomania~isn't it interesting the way it looks? I'm really curious to try lots of shades over it now :)

    Get Nailed~it really is! I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but it didn't disappoint.

    Ayuu~I think everyone loves Medallion :)

    Nicole~China Glaze came out with some great glitters this time, that's for sure!

    Lucy~Oh my, I think I would've cut my finger tips off if it took me that long! I used the Target brush scrubby in a jar and it wasn't too bad :)