Monday, December 7, 2009

More Color Club Japanese Glitters Coming To VNS!

Above & Below: Bottle pictures of the 8 new Japanese Glitters from Color Club, coming soon to Victoria Nail Supply.
Below: This is Gus, who's been keeping us very busy the last few weeks making arrangements to get him from a shelter in Georgia to us in Michigan. This photo was taken last Wednesday after he'd been pulled from the shelter and moved to private boarding to await transportation. He actually looks like he's smiling because he's happy to finally have a home of his own.
Below: These photos were taken when he was at the shelter in Georgia.

Yen from Victoria Nail Supply sent me an eMail today letting me know that they'll soon have 8 more of the Color Club Japanese Glitters available in a variety of colors. She sent along some photos and I should have a color wheel with the swatches later in the week from her. I won't know until I receive that, which colors are which, although I'm sure we can narrow down a few just based on the names she provided. Here are the names, in no particular order:
Blue Hawaii, Fresh Mint, Dazzling Orange, Twinkle Peach, Sparkling Cassis, Bishop's Weed, Calendula for Joy, and Rose, I Love You. Yen said her favorite is Fresh Mint, and I'd have to agree with her on that! Bishop's that's an interesting name! Bishop's Weed is actually a plant used for ground cover. I can't wait to see these in real life, because I was very happy with the Japanese Glitters I got a few months back. No word on when these will be in stock, but I would guess yet this month.
I haven't forgotten about posting the remaining BB Couture men's polishes from Overall Beauty (scroll down to yesterday's post if you missed Vise), but today is the day we've been planning for several weeks, and I've got my hands full now that's it's finally arrived! I'll get back to the BB Coutures later today or tomorrow, but in keeping with "Man Week", what I'm jokingly referring to as this week's theme on my blog because of the men's polishes, I'd like to introduce you to Gus, the newest addition to our family. He arrived at 7:30 this morning after a 12 hour drive from Georgia. I'm a little nervous today, trying to keep the peace between him and my other pets, including a female German Shepherd, a male Shih Tsu, and 2 Persian cats. So far, so good, but the first couple of days always keep me on guard. Gus came to us from a high kill shelter in Decatur, Georgia. He is heartworm positive, so he'll begin treatment for that in the near future. We think he's about one to two years old, and he is very shy and sweet. This is our fourth rescue, and likely not the last. It's been a hectic 2 weeks making arrangements to get him out of the shelter and transported up here to Michigan, but with the help of a wonderful rescue group in Georgia and a very dear friend from my German Shepherd circle of friends, we're very happy to welcome Gus to his new home.


  1. Congratulations on your new dog! And now I like you even more than I did before knowing that you take in rescue animals!

  2. I love Gus, he's is ADORABLE! Thank you for being such a kind and caring person and for taking in animals that need homes. All of mine have also been rescues. Have fun with Gus and give him a big kiss and hug from me :)

  3. He is beautiful! I hope Gus and Greta get along well. I probably tell you this every time you post about Greta, but I love shepherds, they are such gorgeous, well behaved, smart, loyal, and just perfect dogs!!

  4. Beautiful glitters and what a wonderful thing you are doing for Gus!
    I hope to have a rescue pitbull soon in our home (just need to have the people call us back)!

  5. Aaahhhhhh you're killing me with with these new glitter !!! I can't wait to see your swatches !

    And Gus is so beautiful and he has the cutest eyes ! You're wonderful sweety :-)

  6. BEAUTIFUL Shep! Ive always had a soft spot in my heart for sheps and great pyreneeses, the two dogs we had growing up. I want one so bad, but my husband is not an animal lover. Im lucky I have a cat

  7. So cute! He looks just like my shepard from when I was a little girl!

  8. The polish is very cool.

    BUT Gus steals the show!! WELCOME HOME GUS!! :)

  9. Awww...Gus is a good boy. You can just tell. I love GSD's.

  10. So pretty--thanks for posting! I love what I see of your blog so far! :)

  11. Hi Mary! Gus is sooo cute! What pretty colors from color club.

  12. Your an angel! What a beauty Gus is. Shepherds have a big place in my heart. I had one growing up. It's wonderful what you do. God bless you and take care. Hope everything goes well. I can't wait to buy more glitter! They look pretty.

  13. Another Gus! He is awfully cute and sounds so sweet. You are so wonderful to open your heart and home like that. I always say if I win the Powerball I will adopt so many more animals. I just can't imagine living without pets!

    Loving the Color Club glitters, can't wait to see more!

  14. April & Ashley~thank you. I'd rescue them all if I could, but I guess you have to realize your limitations. It makes me sad how many of them there are.

    Wendy~he is a sweet boy and we're very happy to have him! Will pass on your affections to him :)

    Jessica~I was a little concerned...Greta is very domineering, but she's been just wonderful to him.

    Nessa~I love that green glitter, although they're all pretty. Hope you hear back on your offer to rescue!

    Tuli~did you have any of these yet? I like them quite a bit, more as a top coat though. Gus is doing well this morning!

    gildedangel~thanks, he's a good boy :)

    Patti~I love all dogs, but am especially fond of Shepherds. Thankfully, my DH is an animal lover too.

    Nosaby~thank you! He slept well last night for his first night :)

    Ange-Marie~he's going to be beuatiful when he's done growing. I love the way Shepherds look, so pretty.

    Liz~yes, I like to polish very much, but Gus is in a class of his own :)

    Anonymous~other than jumping on the counter to get to some roast beef yesterday, yes, he seems to be very good!

    Amy~thank you, glad you're enjoying my blog!

    Velvet~hello! Hope you're doing well, and thank you!

    Lucy~I knew you'd like him! He has his first appt. today, so hopefully that will go well. I forgot she was getting these glitters, so I was excited to see the photos, they're very pretty.

    Mighty Lambchop~I agree, I'm anxious to see the color wheels next! I love animals, but we've had this many before and it's about all I can handle...sometimes they're easier to get along with than people :)

  15. Hooray for Gus! Is the rescue group Saving Shelter Pets by any chance?

  16. T-Rex~the rescue group we working with was called Southern Cross German Shepherd Dog Rescue. There seems to be an influx of Shepherds in GA right now.

  17. Aw, Gus is a sweetie pie!! Good doggie!!

    LOVE these pretty polishes! They look like candy. I am wondering, they look like they will be monochromatic in their glitteriness, if that makes sense. I am hoping they will! Can't wait to hear more about them!!