Sunday, December 6, 2009

Man Week! BB Couture Vise

Above & Below: BB Couture Vise, shown in full sun above using 2 coats. The photo below was taken in the shade, and the photo below that was in filtered sunlight.

Below: Close-up of the finish. The shimmer in very small and shows up as a lighter blue with aqua tones as well as violet.
I think I'll designate this coming week as "Man Week" on my blog, because I'm going to be swatching Overall Beauty's BB Couture's 6 newest polishes for men, as well as the 6 polishes for men they released a few months back. Now if you really want to add to your Man Week, make sure and check out Nixxy's blog for her weekly installment of MWCILTRMND Monday. Most of you are familiar with Nixxy and her blog, but in case you're not, her weekly feature showcases "Men With Chests I'd Like To Rake My Nails Down" her title ties in nicely with a nail blog and gives you a little something extra to start your week with!

Today's NOTD is Vise, from the most recent release of BB Couture's polishes for men. This collection includes 6 shades, all aptly named after tools. Vise is a Cadet blue shimmer that has the slightest hint of deep teal in darker, indoor lighting. The shimmer is very fine and is a combination of blues and violets, as you can see in the close-up above. The coverage was typical of BB Couture, excellent after one coat, perfection after 2. If you haven't seen this latest collection for men, check it out, because there are some gorgeous shades. And no, they're not just for men! Kim at Overall Beauty is offering free shipping right now through December 11, and through tomorrow, there's a buy 4 get one free deal going on as well. Just mention the free one you'd like in the comments section of your order. There's a limit of 3 free on this special. I also noticed she just added a Disco Collection, which includes even more new shades.


  1. What a beautiful blue, it looks great on you!

  2. Thanks for swatching this! I ordered two of the newest colours,(wire stripper and stud finder) but I was wondering how this one looked on.It's beautiful!

  3. Very pretty! I really like your nail length, too. Thanks for swatching!

  4. I can't wait to see all these swatched. Love the blue on you. I'll have to go visit OverallBeauty.

  5. gildedangel~thank you :)

    Pinkginger~they always look a little different in real life, but all 6 of them were very pretty, I thought.

    Tifflet~glad you like it, thank you! No problem on the swatching, I just wish I had time to swatch more and faster :)

    Lucy~they're all pretty, Lucy. I couldn't decide, so I just caved and ordered all 6!