Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers

I think this may just be my manicure for Christmas Eve! Ruby Red Slippers is nothing short of stunning. It has a blackened base that upon the first coat, is a watery charcoal color with sparse coverage. The second coat builds the base and the glitter to near perfection, although I think I may opt for 3 thin coats when I do this again tomorrow. What you end up with is an abundance of sparkling rubies awash in a sea of black glossiness. Top it off with a matte top coat and you get another look altogether. Simply put, I love this one.


  1. Lurve!! You have inspired me to use this polish, I got it recently and am putting it on right now!! I agree that maybe 3 coats would be get the max red glitter cover?? Love your pics and the matte topcoat is awesome!!

  2. It's really dead cool when it's mattified. =)

  3. I love the non mattify version. Red giltters never goes wrong for the holiday season! I'm using red glitters too (OPI's Smitten With Mittens) top up with acrylic flowers and leaves!

  4. So amazing. I love this polish, and the matte looks wicked awesome! =) Thanks for the swatches

  5. This is my current mani and I love it. I get so many compliments on it. Matte looks cool!

  6. I really like it a lot when it's matte. I would love to buy it but it's too expensive!

  7. I really like this polish. It looks so cool matte, too.

  8. wow...i was expecting something different!! 'ruby red' colours are popluar now i think...but this one has black beautiful~

  9. Love this! I really wanna start trying glitter polish now. They look gorgeous!


  10. Euridice~I'm glad I inspired you! It's a lovely shade, matte or otherwise.

    Nathalie~isn't it though? This is a must-have polish.

    gildedangel~it's one of those polishes you just can't stop looking at!

    Jin~yes, they're great, especially this time of year! Your mani sounds lovely!

    kelsealaurel~you're most welcome! It's so fun sharing looks that other appreciate :)

    itskarmababy~it is one of my favorites. I'd love to see an antire collection of colors like this!

    Nina~they are a little pricey, but so worth it!

    Nihrida~thank you! I love it both ways.

    hitomi~it is seriously stunning!

    Nicole~once you start, you'll love it! This is one of the best, in my opinion.