Sunday, December 27, 2009

Color Club Japanese Exclusive Glitter: Bishop Weed

Above & Below: Bishop Weed shown with 3 coats. The glitter, although multi-colored in brighter lighting, gives way to a more silver tone in darker lighting.
Below: One quick coat of Sally Hansen's Opulent Cloud over Bishop Weed gives you this look.
Below: This is a coat of Bishop Weed over Opulent Cloud. I love the way this turned out.
I think this one is actually called Bishop's Weed, but my label is singular, reading Bishop Weed. A minor technicality, because I'd love this one no matter what it's called! By itself, using 3 coats, it's a sheer muted white with multi-colored glitter. It builds enough color that I personally like the way this one looks, even though it's not opaque. It reminds me of Misa's Confection Section, only with more of a white background. This is such a simple, clean look, but the contrast of the glitter against the pale white looks like colored sugar on a new snowfall. Not something you often see of course, but that's what comes to mind. This shade, like many of the glitters, works nicely as an under coat and as a top coat, lending itself to many different transformations.


  1. I love that over Opulent Cloud, very cool effect!

  2. That is such a neat effect; I haven't thought to put a glitter over a duochrome!

  3. I LOVE THIS! Its like snow on nails!! I like the combination but even worn alone the effect is glorious. Very holiday appropriate!

  4. Wish I had Opulent Cloud. Looks gorgeous layered over it. I love this look also.

  5. mm looks yummy..sugaaaar...*o*

  6. Get Nailed~I loved how that turned out. I wasn't sure what it would look like, but it's all good!

    gildedangel~I was curious about it and not disappointed!

    Tali~I loved it alone too, so sparkly and pretty.

    Lucy~I hunted high and low for it and I'm glad I found it. I'll keep my eyes open for one for you.

    hitomi~all of these remind me of candy and food for some reason :)