Sunday, December 27, 2009

Color Club Japanese Exclusive Glitter: Sparkling Cassis

Above: Sparkling Cassis shown with 3 coats. This is a medium Carnation pink tone.
Below: I applied 1 coat of Nicole's Deeply In Love over Sparkling Cassis, and although I was unable to capture the look well, it gives this red creme a glass-flecked appearance.

Below: 2 coats of Sparkling Cassis over Nicole's Deeply In Love adds a colorful burst of color.
Here's another one of the new Color Club Japanese Exclusive Glitters available at Victoria Nail Supply, Sparkling Cassis. This is the last of the pink/peach toned ones (there are 4 of these and the other 3 were posted yesterday). I used 3 coats on this shade, and it is more pigmented than Twinkle Peach and Calendula for Joy. I would rank this shade and I Love You as by far the most pigmented of these 4. It's a pink-toned color with a hint of peach, and the customary micro-fine multi-colored glitter that all of these seem to have. At the risk of repeating myself, I think that the less pigmented ones work better as base or top coats, although both Sparkling Cassis and I Love You look fine on their own as well.
Application Tip: When using jelly-like textured glitters, I use Orly Nail Armor as a base coat. The silk fibers in this base coat give the polish something to adhere to, so the glitter is more evenly distributed.


  1. Those are gorgeous! Is there anything Color club can't do!

  2. I love Deeply In Love. Looks like the perfect red.

  3. Oh, that combination is beautiful!

  4. I can't wait to get these. They are so pretty.

  5. ooh i want...TT
    actually i prefer by itself, because i love love pink peach colour at this moment ^^

  6. Evil Angel~thank you! I'm glad to see CC gaining popularity over the last year or two.

    Gejba~it's a really beautiful red creme, I agree.

    gildedangel~it's so fun experimenting, you never know what you'll get. I do like this look too though.

    Lucy~did you get them yet?!!

    hitomi~it is a pretty shade on it's own. It has a nice peach tone, not too light though.