Tuesday, December 1, 2009

China Glaze Indian Ocean

Above & Below: China Glaze in Indian Ocean is shown indoors with a flash above, and outdoors in full sun, below.
Below: Outdoors in the shade shows the smooth, almost pearlescent finish. Look closely and you can see that it also has a nearly black base behind the shimmer.
There's nothing better than the older China Glaze shades. Not that there's anything wrong with the newer ones, but the discontinued ones are always nice to reflect on. The chemical smell, the unique colors, the forgotten memories...who knew a nail polish could invoke such nostalgia? It isn't often that I buy more than one bottle of the same polish, but my original bottle was getting dangerously low, so when I saw that Victoria Nail Supply still had some of these in stock, I didn't hesitate to get another one. Indian Ocean is a deep shade of Indigo blue with shimmer, and what I like the most about it, is that it has a deep charcoal base. It's not quite a black base, and it's not even that evident, but it's part of what I love so much about this one. The other trait I like about it, is that yes, it's a shimmer, but it has a somewhat pearly finish. Not frosty at all, but just a smooth pearlescent look to it. You can see a hint of purple iridescence in the bottle, but this is a definite deep blue shade. I used 3 coats in the photos, and the brushes seem a bit narrower on the older polishes, but those are minor issues to deal with when it comes to the oldies but goodies.

I have quite a few other older China Glaze favorites, probably too many to mention! If forced to pick a favorite, I'd have to go with Dripping Wet, followed closely by Crystal Ball and Indian Ocean. Check out the Friday Follower Freebie box over on the right, because I've updated it with this week's Freebie (hint: 2 of my 3 favorites for 2 winners!).


  1. Inian Ocean is one of my favorite blues! I love how even as dark as it is, it glows from within!

  2. What a beautiful blue; I need to find this polish!

  3. This is a beautiful blue. I'm going to find thine on.

  4. You cut your nails! They look lovely. Indian Ocean is a beautiful blue. Now I want it. I love VNS! I'm getting lots of discontinued polishes. Bad for my wallet also.

  5. That's a gorgeous blue! I think I have that!

  6. This is a stunning shade of blue! I recently found Crystal Ball on ebay,and I can't wait until it arrives :)

  7. THis is one that I recently bought a back up for! I heart this blue so much!! This is the best blue I own, just flawless!!

  8. I love this Color! Looks awesome on you!

  9. very pretty colour,suits the name perfectly

  10. This blue is soooo pretty! It looks really good on you!

    As much as I love a blue polish, the only thing that turns me off about it is the staining around the nails that happens after you remove it!

  11. That is so beautiful. I love the depth of it.

  12. Now this is a stunning polish!! Reminds me a lot of Sapphire in the Snow (OPI). Do you find the two comparable?

  13. This is a beautiful shade - love it! Thanks for the great swatches and blog! :)

  14. Evil Angel~I know what you mean, it's bright, but yet it's dark. Very cool.

    gildedangel~I just love it. It's just different to me.

    Jessica~VNS likely still has some, or maybe you can find it locally at an independent beauty supply or nail salon.

    Phyrra~thank you :) I am quite fond of it!

    Lucy~yes, chopped them down! I love the old polishes and get so excited when I find one!

    Nail Fanatic~ooh, I would love to see it on you! Look for it!

    Pinkginger~I love Crystal Ball, such delicate glitter.

    Brooke~this may be my favorite blue also, I love the blackened look behind it.

    Kitty~thanks :) I am so glad I got another one!

    Skye~you're right, this is a perfect name for this polish.

    Park Avenue~I don't wear a polish long enough to have it stain (if it lasts a day on me before I remove it to try another, that's a long time!). But I have had that problem with some of the deeper reds.

    Helen~glad you like it. I think it's that blackened or charcoal base that seems to add to the dimension.

    Brooke~they aren't that similar in my opinion. Sapphire in the Snow is more purple/blue and a darker blue than Indian Ocean, and of course one's a shimmer and one's a creme.

    Wendy~thank you! Glad you like everything :)