Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 Finger Paints, 5 Less On My Untried Shelf!

Above & Below: Please disregard my cuticles. I used a different product (Avon) instead of my usual Sally Hansen cuticle remover and it was very hard on my skin and cuticles. Turquoise Tile is a perfect turquoise shimmer. Lilac Lagoon is also a favorite, with it's delicate color and subtle gold shimmer.
Below: Butterscotch Cookie is an eye-catching gold shimmer. It's bright and shiny, just as gold should be!
Below: Yellow Bikini and Ripe Peach are both nice creme-type shades that have the slightest hint of shimmer to them. My only complaint was that I needed 3 coats, instead of the usual 2.
With so many untried's, a problem I know many of us have, I decided to swatch some Finger Paints that have been patiently awaiting their turn! Finger Paints makes a great quality product, but because they're only available at Sally Beauty, I think they go unnoticed by a large percentage of people. The first two I swatched, Ripe Peach and Yellow Bikini, appear to be cremes. If you look closely, you can see the slightest hint of a shimmery sheen. I liked the shades very much, but I had to use 3 coats to get total coverage. They performed more like pastel creme shades do, which often cause me problems upon the application. The other 3, Butterscotch Cookie, Turquoise Tile, and Lilac Lagoon, applied in typical Finger Paints fashion: perfectly, in 2 coats. I'm not very helpful on when these came out and which ones may still be available, because I've had them for quite a while. I believe Butterscotch Cookie is from last year's holiday collection, likely making it hard to find. The other 4 I believe came out in their Spring 2009 collection, so they may still be available here and there. If anyone else knows any more information about their availability, feel free to mention it in the comments.


  1. I have turquoise tile and like it. Butterscotch Cookie is an AWESOME gold shade. I have it from last year's holiday collection, and it's really the first gold shade that I liked.

    I do believe the other shades were from the spring or summer.

  2. I love FP and I don't feel that it ever gets enough attention, so I thank you for posting these!!!

  3. another brand we Europeans can't get our hands on:(

    great swatches, especially I like lilac lagoon:)

  4. Hmmm, I have yellow bikini and it's so much softer on me, yet still as shiny and eye catching. I like turquoise tile.

  5. I love Finger Paints and agree they don't get enough attention!
    I have 20 or so of their colors and love every one of them!

  6. I don't know about Butterscotch Cookie, but the other 4 shades are from the Sunburst Summer Collection.

  7. These are really pretty polishes. I've never used Finger Paints. I'm sure I have other polishes like these. I do like the turquoise.

  8. I love that Lilac Lagoon! So pretty!

  9. I haven't hardly seen any of their recent collections on the shelves at all, which is a shame, I neglected to pick up anything from the fall collection, and I intended to. I haven't looked at Sally's online to see if maybe those spring/summer/fall collections are available on there, though!
    I am really loving Finger Paints lately - they have some neat colors and the bottle is adorable.

  10. Yet another brand of polish us European girls can't get our paws on! *sighs*

  11. Phyrra~thank you for some help on the collections! Turquoise Tile is stunning and you're right about Butterscotch Cookie, it's fabulous gold shade.

    itskarmababy~you're quite welcome! I have quite a few of them, but they are kind of overlooked sometimes.

    KONADomania~I know, but you like to look at the pictures at least!...I hope! Lilac Lagoon is so pretty and delicate, love it too.

    Danica~I was kind of surprised that it was as bright as it was on the nail. It didn't look quite that bright in the bottle!

    Brooke~it really is, and the perfect application just makes it even better :)

    Evil Angel~their Holiday collections are always so nice, as are most of their other ones.

    Kelsey~thank you! I wondered what the name of the collection was and I wasn't sure where Turquoise Tile came from, collection-wise.

    Lucy~I'm surprised you don't have any FP polishes! Turquoise Tile is very pretty, one of my favorites.

    Kat~I love it too, so pretty with it's little sparkles.

    Nicole~I meant to get some from the Fall collection too and forgot. The Holiday was very nice, although it may be gone now too. Oh well, we always have Spring to look forward to!

    Elena~I know, I should put a warning on my posts!