Monday, November 2, 2009

VNS/China Glaze Black Magic vs. Fortune Teller

Above & Below: China Glaze's exclusive Black Magic for Victoria Nail Supply shown with 2 coats, no top coat.

Above & Below: Bottle comparisons of Black Magic (left) and Fortune Teller (right). The top one is in filtered sunlight, the bottom picture indoors, with a flash.

Above: Bottle picture of Black Magic. I love how the glitter looks in the bottle! It actually applies very evenly on the nail and as you can see, it's a little more of a bright orange, whereas Fortune Teller is a coppery orange.

Above & Below: The photo above shows 2 coats of Black Magic (left) and 3 coats of Fortune Teller (right). Below shows one coat of each. If there's such a thing as a blacker shade of black, I would say that Black Magic is a bit blacker.
I mentioned previously that Victoria Nail Supply was going to be receiving an exclusive Halloween Glitter polish from China Glaze and I received mine today. I know Halloween is in the past now, but I wanted to do a comparison for you in case you were interested in it. The exclusive polish is called Black Magic (but they are label-less!) and can be found here on the VNS web site. Black Magic has a brighter orange glitter and it's very small when compared to the larger glitter in Fortune Teller. The glitter is all uniform in size and applied very evenly on the nail. The base color is black and it's a more opaque black than Fortune Teller is. In one coat, you can see from the above picture what I'm talking about with regard to the black base. Do you need them both? Of course not. Do you want them both? Only you can answer that, but I'm glad I bought it, because in my opinion, they are different enough and they're China Glaze. I have several black with orange glitter Halloween polishes, but they're mediocre at best. I know we can all agree that China Glaze makes an exceptional polish when it comes to their formula, so now I have 2 quality Halloween glitters and 3 or 4 lesser quality ones. Sounds like a good enough reason to me!


  1. Omg! Black Magic is amazing! It's so fiery lit-within aaaaaaah I must have a bottle of this. Thanks for the great swatches Mary!

  2. This is great! Thanks for comparing them both. I can see the difference between them. They're both gorgeous looking.

  3. Hmm, this is the first I'm hearing of this color. To be honest, I liked Fortune Teller, but for some reason it's just not something that I would run home to put on, I don't know, I think it's just that everyone has it, so it kind of loses it's specialty.

  4. both are pretty! Fortune Teller's glitter looks bigger =)

  5. They do look similar, although not exactly the same, so thank you for this comparison !
    Both are gorgeous !

  6. I think black magic is something for me :) need to get one. Thanks for the comparison Mary!

  7. pretty!! I have Fortune Teller and I love how it looks.

  8. Very nice. Just when the Fortune Teller hype was dying down, along comes Black Magic (which I like better, by the way!)

  9. ooOOOooooo so pretty!
    Adding this to my wish list!

  10. hmmmm, debating on if I need this one or not! Thanks for the comparrison pics though :)

  11. Thank you so much Mary! I have to get this polish. I'm off to VNS!

  12. Can you buy from VNS even if you're not a nail tech?

  13. Kae~I really like it, the finer glitter is appealing to me.

    Skye~glad you like it!

    Velvet~there's definitely a difference and one can never have too many Halloween polishes!

    Gildedangel~I like it too, thank you!

    Danica~not something I'd wear but a couple of times a year, that's true :)

    Nanzy~the glitter is much larger in FT and it has different shapes as compared to the Black Magic.

    Tuli~same color theme concept, but still different.

    AllYouDesire~you're welcome, I really wanted to compare them because they seemed like they were similar from web pics, but I'm glad they're different enough.

    Grace~FT is a great color and it looks fabulous matted also.

    Helen~I kind of like it better too. I like them both, but if I had to pick one, I'd probably say Black Magic.

    PowerLifterChick~it's not quite as blingy as FT because of the smaller glitter, but still very seasonal and pretty.

    Brooke~you don't really need it~ha-ha! But it is pretty and wants and needs are two entirely different things :)

    Lucy~you're welcome! I was curious about a comparison also.

    Krystal~yes, but if you're buying OPI or Essie, you'll pay retail. China Glaze is open to everyone at the prices shown.

  14. I just received my Black Magic today and I love it, it's everything that I hoped Milani Magical would be and wasn't. China Glaze really does the best glitters!

  15. does black magic come off easier than fortune teller? please tell me it does!!!

  16. Tara.Wrist~I'm glad you love it also! I don't have that Milani one but I agree, ChG knows their glitters.

    xsplattergirlx~I think it removed easier, for sure. Not "easy", but better the FT. I think the smaller glitter makes the difference.

  17. I hope that VNS gets it back in stock.
    I have FT and love the color, it's a warmer orange and evokes Halloween.

    Doggonit! I wanted it!