Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tip Toe Polishes from Old Navy

Above & Below: L-R-Midnight, Memory, After Party, Pop, Gold Rush, Cheers. The bottles are sealed in plastic in the photos, so their color is slightly muted from that.

Above & Below: Close ups of Gold Rush (above) and Memory (below).
I stopped at Old Navy today and picked up some of their Tip Toe brand polishes for $3.50 each. I'll be trying them out later this week, and not surprisingly, Gold Rush (olive gold) caught my eye immediately. They're located in a canister at the check-out lane and they're all sealed with plastic, which I like. They're still sealed in the pictures, so if you see any odd reflection, that's why. There were probably another 6 or so shades that I didn't get, including a black creme, a red shimmer, and a frosty pink. The size of the bottle, which is square...another plus for me, is 4.5 fl. oz., so they're just a bit smaller than a traditional bottle. Here's a quick description of my shades:

Cheers-a red creme with a hint of fuchsia

Gold Rush-an olive gold shimmer with tiny gold and olive glitter

Pop-a tangerine orange shimmer with micro gold glitter

After Party-a purple shimmer with tiny red and blue glitter

Memory-an eggplant purple creme with slight brown undertones

Midnight-a deep royal blue shimmer with tiny red and purple glitter


  1. After Party looks good! Can't wait to see the swatches

  2. Wow, Gold rush looks beautiful! All of them do but gold rush really caught my eye! Cant wait to see swatches!

  3. oooo I didn't Old Navy made NP. I'll have to check it out!

  4. oops. Clearly in all of my excitement I forgot the word "know." Anyway....

  5. great haulz.. im looking forward for the swatches.. happy polishing!! xoxo

  6. Gold Rush look great. Love those greens.

  7. Nail Fanatic~that is one that looks very interesting to me too. Some of these colors didn't catch my eye as much as After Party.

    Gildedangel~so far so good on the 2 I've swatched. I like them alot!

    Anna~now that I've swatched it, I can definitely say that I love it!

    Nosaby~I didn't know they carried n/p either. A nice surprise!

    AllYouDesire~the pueple and the dark blue look to have a similar finish. Can't wait to try them :)

    Thriszha~I'll be working on them for the next day or two! I really like them, so far.

    Lucy~now that I've swatched it, it doesn't look as olive on the nail, but still very pretty.