Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sneak Peek: China Glaze Poolside~Coming April 2010

We haven't even had any snow yet and we're looking at Spring/Summer collections! That's alright with me though, these colors will make me happy and give me hope when the thermometer is hovering in the low teens and the snow is 2' deep. China Glaze will be releasing 'Poolside' as their Summer 2010 collection, due out in April. This came to me from Yen at Victoria Nail Supply as a word.doc, so I apologize for the slight lack of clarity in the image. Just click the image and it comes in much clearer. These shades are rather appealing to me, especially Flip Flop Fantasy and Kiwi Coolada...and guess what? They're NEONS!

Yen is hoping to have some swatches to share with us soon on the China Glaze Up & Away creme collection coming out in January. The promo pictures for that collection can be found on various sites and blogs, and as usual, it looks like a very nice selection of shades.


  1. I found swatches of 5 of the China Glaze Up & Away collection on their facebook page yesterday. http://www.facebook.com/#/album.php?aid=348652&id=297979790625&ref=mf


  2. I definitely want the Kiwi. Neons for Spring? I guess I'll have to wait till their swatched. Thanks for posting these.

  3. the yellow green and blue are cute. I think the others are rather "meh" but I'll withhold final judgement til I see swatches

  4. wow, thanks for the heads up---I've been enjoying pics of the up and away on twitter, and now there are even more colors to look forward to!! Did they ever reschedule their dark polish collection? I think you had reported that they canceled it, and that collection looked really great, too!

  5. OOo... nice! But I'm much more interested in the Up, Up and Away Collection =P

  6. April & Ashley~looks like another great collection!

    Elizabeth~I've been watching them and I like what I'm seeing :)

    Lucy~looks like a nice, bright collection. I love the Kiwi also.

    Ange-Marie~at least it's a smaller collection, easier on the wallet!

    Skye~I just hope they apply nicely, unlike other neons. ChG makes a great formula, so hopefully they'll be fine.

    Euridice~I have heard nothing about the Dark collection. I was really looking forward to it also.

    ~Lisa~Up & Away looks nice too, although I don't think I *need* all of the colors in that collection :)

  7. Euridice - I think I know what you're talking about - apparently they postponed that collection indefinitely... I can only imagine that after the hype the Specialty/glitter polishes and the Wizard of Ooh Aahz collections received, they might have decided to keep those as the primary fall/winter collections and leave the Dark Secrets collection for next fall/winter year. HTH!
    You can find the picture of the collection on the link below: