Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sally Hansen HD LE: Opulent Cloud, Disc, Gigabyte & Zip

Above & Below: Opulent Cloud shown with 3 coats. I took so many pictures of this trying to capture the shifting icy violet to gray, but all I seem to have captured was the gray. It's a truly unique shade and the gold shimmer is lovely, but I wasn't thrilled with the formula.

Above & Below: Disc, shown with 3 coats. This is a pretty shade of copper that flashes the slightest hint of rose gold.

Above & Below: Gigabyte is a very frosty shade of baby pink and is shown in 2 coats. For as sheer as this looked in the bottle, it was surprisingly opaque in just 2 coats.
Below: Zip was oddly my favorite of this collection and is shown in 2 coats. It is a bright cherry red shade that has very fine gold shimmer throughout.

Below: Bottle picture left to right: Opulent Cloud, Disc, Zip, Gigabyte.
Sally Hansen recently released a 4 piece collection of more HD polishes which are limited editions. I don't know if any of these will move into their 8 piece permanent line of HD's, but with the popularity of Opulent Cloud, it seems possible. These can be found in various stores such as Walgreen's and Rite-Aid and are in a tabletop display with just 2 slots for each color. The formula on these is nothing special and honestly, Opulent Cloud and Disc were a little disappointing to me, formula-wise. I used 3 coats on both of those and I felt as if every little flaw showed up. Hmmm, it must be because they're HD! I didn't have that problem with the other 2, however. All in all, this is a nice little collection. The finishes are pretty, as they're all shimmers, and for such a small collection, it has a decent range of colors. Opulent Cloud is garnering the most attention and I'll agree that it is a unique shade. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to go with Zip simply because it applied so evenly and it's such a plush looking shade of red. The gold shimmer gives it some dimension and for some reason, this is the one that appealed to me most, although I thought Opulent Cloud would have been the one that stood out more.


  1. Ive been hearing the buzz on opulent cloud but I have silver polishes like that. im gonna be on the look out for them!

  2. Great swatches; I really need to try some Sally Hansen polishes!

  3. I've been looking for these, but haven't seen them yet. I really want OC.

  4. With your recent interest in mattifying most colors, I am curious to know your opinion of these colors, with a matte topcoat.

    I used Essie MAY and what looks frosty initially, becomes a lovely sheen when matte. The red, especially, displays a gorgeous gold that trumps both the Nubar matte red and the Zoya matte red, in my book.

  5. Still haven't found them. I'm sure they will turn up sometime. They look gorgeous on you. I can definitely see the violet sheen. It's really a gorgeous shade. I placed an order with VNS. Unfortunately they are sold out of the Halloween glitter. My coupon didn't work so I let Yen know in the comments. She's refunding my money. Thank you Mary your a sweetheart!

  6. I found Opulent Cloud and I have it and love it :) gorgeous shades too!

  7. I remember that this was a long search for you. There's no way Opulent Cloud could live up to the hype given how hard everyone had to work to find it. But I'm glad you did!

  8. These are beautiful colors and you did such a great job with these pictures ! My favorites are Opulent Cloud and Gigabyte :-)

  9. Hi Mary ! It's SAndrine ;-) just to tell you that I just sent you a private mail with my yahoo address ^-^ chack your spam file ahahahah Cheers ;-)

  10. gorgeous colours! especially the opulent cloud, but zip follows closely behind:)

  11. Oooo Opulent Cloud looks great! I'm excited as I'm doing a swap with Judy and she's managed to get me a bottle of it!!

  12. Jamie~OC wasn't a duo chrome exactly, but it is different. They're all nice in their own way though.

    GildedAngel~they make quite a range, some are batter than others. I think they've improved their formulas quite a bit over the years.

    Nosaby~they're starting to show up in my neck of the woods now, although I know others saw them a month or better ago :)

    Wixology~I'll have to try them matted. It sounds from what you're saying, that they'd be beautiful.

    Lucy~hope you find the SH's soon! That's too bad they're out of the Black Magic! Hopefully she'll get the coupon code fixed up, otherwise, we'll go back to the old way of just mentioning it in the comments box of the order.

    Nail Fanatic~I'm glad you found it too! It's just not as much as I thought it would be, but I still like it.

    D:)~thank you, I'd almost given up! You're right, there was so much hype about it...I like the shade, just not the way it applied.

    Tuli~thanks, glad you like them! They're all pretty in their own right and it sounds like everyone likes different ones for different reasons!

    Sandrine~got it and replied back :)

    KONADomania~I'm sure if OC would've applied better, it would be my favorite. I'll give it another try sometime.

    Glittermillie~glad you'll be getting it and I hope you love it!

  13. Where can I find Opulent Cloud? I have been looking everywhere since the end of August. I am going crazy!

  14. McDorky~mine just showed up at Rite Aid. They've been starting to turn up at CVS and my Walgreens said they're getting them in December. Hope you can find it!