Monday, November 16, 2009

Orly Metal Chic Metallic Matte: Glam Rock

Above & Below: Glam Rock shown outdoors, no flash in 2 coats. This actually has a copper base with darker coppery red and golden metal flakes.
Below: A clear top coat amplifies the metal flake for added depth.

Below: Close-up of Glam Rock's finish, matte on the left, with a top coat on the right.
Below: Close-up of all 3 shades in their matte state. L-R: Iron Butterfly, Glam Rock, Solid Gold.
Glam Rock, from Orly's Metal Chic collection, is my favorite of the 3. That's not to say I don't like the other 2, because I love them all. Copper is often the less popular alloy when discussing elements, so maybe it's because I always like to route for the underdog. Or maybe it's just a personal preference when it comes to these 3, I don't know. I posted the others just below this one, so check them out and let me know what your favorite one is. Glam Rock is a medium shade of copper that like the other 2, applied nicely in 2 coats. I'm really impressed with these overall, and what I like the most about them, other than the fact that they're metal element shades, is the metal flake detail. They show a definite separation of the darker and lighter shades in each one, giving them an interesting and somewhat dimensional look. With a top coat applied to Glam Rock, the detail seems even more precise, rendering an almost holographic appearance. Orly did an outstanding job with this small, yet versatile collection. Which one do you like the most?

*Products furnished by LaForce-Stevens, for Orly Beauty.


  1. This is my favorite too! I love this with the topcoat as well!

  2. Iron Butterfly is my favorite, but I really like all 3 :)

  3. I thought I liked Iron Butterfly the most, but I am going to side with you and gilded on this topic.. Glam Rock is my favourite!! More polish to add to thee old list!!

  4. this collection is just gorjuz,they have all looked great matt and glossy,i think i love them all

  5. I've always loved copper shades. This is beautiful on you! I love this matte or shiny. I'll be ordering this collection. Thankfully there's only three!

  6. Beautiful collection! I love them all in both matte and glossy finish.

  7. Tough. Glam Rock is the most unusual but I prefer Butterfly as I just have a fondness for those shades.
    BUT matte is an abomination and they are nothing without topcoat. Does anyone really like matte? I know it's on-trend but it's horrid.

  8. Iron Butterfly is my favorite of this collection - all the polishes have a gorgeous texture ,but I think this one would fit best to my nails :-)

  9. I think they are all fantastic but I think my favourite is Solid Gold. They are all quite different though.

  10. Oh, this is theonly one out of the three that I might actually get. That's a really pretty polish

  11. i like these! i didn't think i would, but i like how they resemble the OPI suedes. i have the orly blue suede and purple velvet and have to be honest, don't really care for the texture. but these look great! i think i like this one the best. thanks for posting these!

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  13. Looks like I'll be getting these! Thanks for swatching them Mary, they're all gorgeous!

  14. This is amazing!! :O it's shot to number 1 of my lemming list!!!

  15. Gildedangel~it is pretty with the top coat also, I love how it has all of the different colors in it.

    Evil Angel~aren't they nice? Orly did a terrific job with these.

    Anonymous~Iron Butterfly is really interesting, I love the way it looks matte.

    Delaynee~I really love them all, but this one just a little more. It's a small set, so getting all 3 wouldn't be too bad :)

    Skye~I totally agree with you, they're all very pretty, matte or shiny.

    Lucy~coppers are among my favorite shades, I always buy them! I like the size of this collection...made it fast and easy to swatch!

    Jin~it's a perfect little collection and the colors can be used either way, so that's nice!

    Jaljen~I don't prefer matte, but I like that it's something different with regard to finish. I also like that they can be converted to gloss without too much trouble, so they're versatile :)

    Tuli~I love the texture of these, they're so detailed.

    Jodes~I'm glad I received all 3 because I know I wouldn't have been able to pick just one!

    S~this one really appealed to me, although I truly love them all.

    Kellie~you're welcome! I need to try out my other Orly matte shades. The blue one really appealed to me, although I agree with you, the finish/texture has looked a little 'off' in pictures I've seen. But I'll give them a go.

    Roxy~you're very welcome. They're very nice and I love the finish.

    Nail Fanatic~I think you need them :) They're so pretty.

    Lina-Elvira~I was so excited to get these because from what I'd read about them, they sounded just lovely. I wasn't disappointed.