Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Old School LA Girl Metallic Pink

I'm working my way through my untried's and am making progress by getting finishing up OPI's Holiday Wishes, Finger Paints Holiday collection and Sally Hansen's LE HD over the last week. Here's another shade I pulled from the shelf, this one from LA Girl. This is the old style bottle so I'm not sure if this shade is still available. I came across this one in a local nail salon that was a true "dusty", both figuratively and literally. LA Girl makes a nice range of polishes in various colors and finishes. The quality is actually pretty good and they retail on their site for $4.00. Metallic Pink covered nicely in 2 coats and dried very quickly. It looks to me that if I added a matte top coat, it would look similar to OPI's Suede shades. The formula seemed a little on the thick side, but it caused no problems. I love the silver shimmer in this, as it tends to give it a foil-like finish. These can also be found at CherryCulture's website.


  1. That's so pretty. I love it. LA Girls is 1 of the brands I'd really like to try as they all look like really good!

  2. i have that polish it is really great... i picked mine up from a local dollar store they have alot of great colors... and it works for konad!

  3. Glittermillie~I'm surprised at how well they wear and they have some really nice shades. I noticed recently that they've come out with mattes as well.

    Gildedangel~thanks, it's different, and I would love to see this one in some other shades with the foil finish it has.

    Anonymous~I'll have to try it for a Konad stamp polish, glad to hear it works! I bet it'd be beautiful!

  4. That's really a fantastic looking polish. Love it on you. I have to remember to look for that one. If they still have it that is! I've gotten some old label Color Clubs and China Glazes from VNS. Isn't it crazy what gives me a tiny thrill!

  5. Such a beautiful pink! I wonder if they have this at the Dollar Tree. I've seen some LA Girl nail polishes there before. Hmmm.