Sunday, November 15, 2009

NOTD: Essie Wrapped in Rubies

Above & Below: Essie's Wrapped in Rubies shown outdoors with no flash, 2 coats.
Below: Bottle picture showing the gold veining.
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I'm being purely lazy today, even though I have plenty of work around the house I should be doing. Not to mention that I'm terribly behind answering my comments and reading the multitude of blogs I follow, but hopefully tomorrow will find me more productive! Today's NOTD is another shade sprinkled with gold, which I adore in a polish. Wrapped in Rubies is a medium burgundy shimmer with gold veining. I wouldn't call it a true burgundy, because it has a hint of brick red going on too, which makes it a rather unique shade. The gold shows up well on the nail, like a fine dusting of magic gold fairy dust.

Do you have a favorite polish with this type of gold in it? I would love to hear what they are because, well, you know, I always need more polish! Wouldn't it be fantastic to see an entire collection based on this? There are some purples and reds in my collection that have gold veining, but I'd love to see a blue, green, brown, charcoal...the possibilities are endless. I would call the collection "You're So Vein". Clearly, I should be doing something more productive today!

Don't forget, the Body & Soul November contest ends at midnight tonight. So if you'd like a chance to win the complete set of China Glaze's Wizard of Ooh Ahz, check out the information in the original post found here.


  1. The shimmer looks quite similar to Essie It's Genius, at least in the bottle (it's still one of my untrieds...).

  2. Oh I love this color on you ! And an entire collection based on gold shimmer sounds cool :-)
    You made me think about polishes with gold shimmer, and I was surprised to discover that I really don't have green or blue with gold shimmer, only red and purple, as you wrote....Well, I promise you to let you know if I'll find these kinds of colors and when I'll be in a polish store here, I'll look for some gold shimmers for you :-)

  3. I love the gold shimmer in it and it really looks very nice on you :)

  4. What a gorgeous color; I love your idea for a collection based on gold veining!

  5. Very nice! Such a stunning colour on you. It looks better on you then in the bottle.

  6. I was just thinking about polishes with gold shimmer! I currently have SH Arabian Night on my nails, and I just love the gold shimmer in CG Strawberry Fields.

  7. Oh that is beautiful! I need a purple with gold veining like this!

  8. Wow love this color! Love the gold fleckles

  9. I want a lipstick this color!

  10. Gorgeous shade on you. I also love polishes with the gold in them. I love lipsticks with the same finish. I ordered loads of NYX lipsticks with sparkle. I love their lipsticks. Everyone needs a lazy day. Hope you enjoyed it.

  11. this is so pretty i love this shimmer

  12. I love how polishes look with gold shimmer but sadly, I don't own one yet but one day I will!! ^.^

    And this color is simply stunning and so unique! ^.^

  13. Sara~ooh, another one I don't have! Sounds like I need to check it out.

    Tuli~I appreciate you keeping your eye out for me! I love these types of polishes and yes, a blue and green would be at the top of my list.

    AllYouDesire~thank you, I love the gold shimmer also.

    GildedAngel~wouldn't that be a nice collection! Now if only someone would make it for us :)

    Day~ha-ha! I thought it looked better in the bottle than on me, but thank you!

    Ainos2~I don't have either one of those, so now I must hunt them down...thanks!

    EvilAngel~I know I have one in purple, I just can't remember which one.

    Nail Fanatic~everytime I pick up a bottle with gold in it like this, I end up buying it. Obviously, I like them!

    Sexykitten727~I've never seen a lipstick with gold veining in it. How cool would that be! I have an Urban Decay on that sort of has gold "over" it, if that makes sense.

    Lucy~hmm, another person mentioning lipstick with gold in it. I guess now, thanks to you and Sexykitten, I need to be on the lookout for those!

    Skye~thank you! Love, love, love gold shimmers.

    ~Lisa~in addition to loving the gold in this one, I agree, the shade itself is a bit unique.