Sunday, November 8, 2009

Maybelline Poptimistic: Glad to be Green & Cloud Nine

Above & Below: Glad to be Green shown using 2 coats, no top coat. Photos were taken outdoors with no flash.

Above: Click the picture to enlarge and you'll see how the glitter looks green, turquoise and gold.
Below: Cloud Nine shown indoors with a flash using 3 coats. You can always tell how much I like a polish by how many pictures there are of it! Cloud Nine is not one of my favorites.

Today I have 2 more shades from the Maybelline Winter Trend Collection Poptimistic to share with you. There are 6 polishes in this collection and if you missed yesterday's post, the first 2 can be found just below. Poor Cloud Nine, having to compete for my affections against Glad to be Green. Cloud Nine is just not my style, as it's a frost finish, it's very sheer, it's a pearl white shade...just not my thing. I'll hang onto it in case I ever want to transport back to the 60's, but I can assure you, this won't get used often by me. I used 3 coats and I probably could have gone with 5 and still been dissatisfied. The brush was a little wonky, a few stray hairs that were longer than the others, but because it's not a favorite, I don't really care. Glad to be Green on the other hand, is a shade that I love. It's a brighter shade of olive green with very fine shimmer. This shade is further beautified by the fact that it has a charcoal base, giving the polish more depth and the glitter more clarity. On the nail, the glitter itself looks to be a slightly lighter shade of green, but it tends to shift and change a little with movement and brighter lighting, causing it to also look gold and turquoise at times. Next up are the last 2 in this collection, both of which are cremes.


  1. What beautiful colors; I love that green!

  2. Glad to be Green is beautiful and only 2 coats for this look ? that is great !
    And I have to admit this time that Cloud Nine wasn't my favorite also...

  3. The green one is really nice. Haven't seen this shade before.

  4. Glad to be Green is beautiful with your skin tone. I wore this one as a Halloween manicure. It's nice to see it without voodoo dolls. ;)

  5. Oh! I just love the green one! Can't wait to see the purple one too!

  6. I love how Glad to Be Green looks! Gorgeous. Too bad Maybelline in Canada rarely have new nail polish collections.

  7. That green is beautiful. I have to buy this baby. Looks beautiful on you. The white, ick! Looks like a cheap frosty shade. I'll have to add that green to my list. Thanks for showing these.

  8. Gildedangel~the green is by far my favorite one too!

    Tuli~yes, just 2 coats! A big difference between the green application and Cloud Nine!

    Nihrida~I saw your post that someone sent you this one! I'm happy you have it too, it's lovely.

    Diana~thank you, I just love it! I'm sure it looks great with or without VooDoo Dolls :)

    Linsi~thanks, glad you like it! I think the charcoal base really makes it extra pretty.

    Lisa~that's too bad that Canada doesn't see these. But you have the Sally Hansen collection, which looks really pretty! Maybe these will show up for you :)

    Lucy~I agree with you about the white...too frosty and too sheer for my taste. The green one though...Love!

  9. Hello !!
    I agree with you ! glad to be green is unbelieviable!!! I look for it this week end but I think it's not yet in France...
    I want it and I keep an eye on it...and I wait
    thanks for all the phots

  10. Well I'm very sad because this beautiful green is not sale in France I'm so sorry for that.
    COuld I find it on a website ??? I hope so