Monday, November 9, 2009

Maybelline Poptimistic: Exu-Blue-Rant & Grape Times (with CND Limelight)

Above & Below: Exu-Blue-Rant shown in 2 coats, outdoors with no flash.

Above & Below: Grape Times shown with 3 coats, outdoors with no flash.
Below: Grape Times with 2 coats of CND's Limelight.

Here are the last 2 shades, both cremes, from Maybelline's recently released Winter Trend Poptimistic collection. I posted the other 4 colors over the last couple of days, so scroll down if you're interested in checking them out. Exu-Blue-Rant is a deep Cadet blue creme that covered very nicely in 2 coats. Indoors, it seems to have a slight dark teal hue, while outdoors and under brighter lighting it shows more of a Cadet blue color. It dried to a high gloss shine and the application of the formula was very nice. Grape Times, although a lovely Royal purple shade, took 3 coats to get even coverage. The color builds quite a bit darker with each coat and it dried to an almost jelly-type finish, which I love. I added 2 coats of Creative Nail Design's Limelight over it, and it reminds me of an Nfu-Oh polish with the glowing flakies. While I'm a big fan of CND's new Color & Effects line, I still treasure all of my older CND's.


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  2. Luv the purple! Will definitely buy this one and the green one! Thank you so much for the swatches!

  3. I love the one with the top coat on it.. the holographic bits combined with the blue look great for this time of year!!

  4. These all looks so gorgeous. I especially like the purple one. And those flakies look just like Nfu Oh.

  5. Ooo, I LOVE it with the glitter!

  6. That blue is amazing! Is there another shade like this? Doesn't look like anything I've seen. Very shiny and amazing looking on you. The Grape is also pretty. Love this one also. With the CND it looks like a Flakie. There both beautiful.

  7. That blue is gorgeous! It looks amazing with the CND flakies on top.

  8. I love the blue and Limelight - that is a gorgeous top coat!

  9. I believe I have a bottle of Limelight in my untrieds. I didn't realize it was such a treasure! I am planning on wearing the blue this week. It looks beautiful on you with and without the sparkles. <3

  10. CND Limelight is pretty, not so much a fan of the formula on the Maybelline's though.

  11. Pretty shades !

    It's strange, we have lot of Maybelline polishes here but not this collection... too bad !

  12. Grape Time looks great! I hope that Canada will have this collection soon. >_< I don't think I've ever seen Maybelline release n/p collections.

  13. Linsi~good choices! You're very welcome, I enjoyed swatching this collection.

    Tali~glad you like it! I thought about putting a matte coat over it, I imagine that would look really pretty also.

    Nihrida~the CND flakies were very much like Nfu's, I was surprised! A nice alternative for those who don't have any Nfu's. I love the purple one too, and the blue, and the green...nice collection overall :)

    Gildedangel~isn't that pretty? I loved it. I'd forgotten about Limelight, so it was nice to play with it again.

    Lucy~honestly, I don't have anything quite this shade. It's got a hint of grey I think in the formula, which gives it a look unlike teal or navy, but somewhere in between.

    Kae~the flakies always make for an interesting look!

    Beautyjudy~it's a great top coat, especially the way that the flakies change color and reflect.

    Diana~looking forward to the blue on you. You'll love Limelight, I'd forgotten about it.

    Clockwork~some of these had different formulas from each other...some were really nice, others a little thick.

    Celine~it's fairly new, so hopefully it'll show up for you :)

    Lisa~they release quite a few here every year and I'm usually not disappointed...except when I can't find them!