Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maybelline Poptimistic: Charcoal Cheer & Opti-Mist-Ic

Above & Below: Charcoal Cheer is a beautiful shade of several different shades! I can see blue, teal and grey, depending on the lighting.

Below: Close up of the finish.

Above & Below: Opti-Mist-Ic is very appealing to me, and the gold shimmer makes it even more appealing.

Below: Close-up of the finish.
Today I'm starting in on Maybelline's Winter Trend 2009 Poptimistic collection, but it's 60 degrees and sunny outside, so I've only taken the time to swatch 2 of them. It's been a long time since we've had weather this nice, so I need to get out and do some yard work. I'll hopefully get a chance to swatch the other 4 tomorrow. I found this collection at Rite-Aid a couple of weeks ago and they retail for $4.99 each. They were buy one get one free and I picked up all 6 of them because I thought it was a nice range of colors and finishes. The two I have for today are my favorites from a "bottle look" perspective, but once I actually use the other 4, my opinion could change on that.

Charcoal Cheer is a shimmer (4 are shimmers, 2 are cremes in this collection) and although the name implies that it's a grey shade, it's more of a grayed out dark teal to me. The shimmer is very fine and is basically the same color as the polish, although it is light reflecting and changes colors in various lighting. I used 2 coats and it applied nicely. It does take on a more grey appearance in darker lighting, bit I wouldn't classify it as a true grey shade. I am really at a loss to define the color of this, because I see cadet blue, grey and teal. It reminds me of Creative Nail Design's NFS, only more grey-toned.
Opti-Mist-Ic, also a shimmer, is a lovely shade of pale taupe. I would almost call it a light beige, but it seems to have hints of dove grey in there also, pushing it more toward a taupe shade. The shimmer is very small and fine, but what I love about this one, is that the shimmer is gold. This is a really different shade and the shimmer makes it all the more unique. I ended up going with 3 coats on this one, because there were a few streaks. I'm certain the streaks were caused by the less than perfect brush, however.


  1. Very pretty. I'm a fan of the dark blue/grey nail colors.

  2. Love both of those on you. Glad your having nice weather. Your temperature was higher than ours. Have fun doing all the yardwork! I hope your wearing some gloves so you don't wreck your nails. Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. These are pretty! I love the super closeup shots I would not have expected to see the gold or all those different sparkles in them!

  4. ooh opti-mist-ic looks really pretty! thanks!

  5. I love them both ! Charcoal Cheer looks so unique and Opti-Mist-Ic is such a pretty delicate color.

  6. Skye~thanks!

    BrooklynShoeBabe~love your profile pic! I love teal/dark blue/grey shades too.

    Gildedangel~I actually like the whole collection (Cloud Nine is not my thing though!).

    Phyrra~me too! I'm just not seeing the actual charcoal in there as much as I would've thought.

    Lucy~I always forget to wear gloves unless I'm weeding, but my hands survived!

    Kae~it's evident without the close-up, just not quite as much :)

    Keri~I like that one alot, it's nice to have a little gold shimmer in there.

    Tuli~glad you like them! I do too and you're right, it is 'delicate'. Good description.