Friday, November 20, 2009

LORAC Cosmetics Haul: Part I

Above & Below: LORAC's Jet Setter kit is packaged in a travel roll with a velcro closure. This is a $170.00 value on sale for $25.00.
Below: The Jet Setter kit includes a primer, a felt-tipped eye liner, 2 lip stick shades, a bronzer, a primer/mascara, and the Jet Setter palette. The palette comes in a sparkling beaded case.
Below: This shows the shades, although they're more vivid than what I was able to capture with my camera.
Below: LORAC's Holiday Smoked Out collection comes in a satin makeup bag. This is a $90.00 value and on sale for $18.50.
Below: The Holiday Smoked Out set contains a lip polish, a cheek stamp (powder blush), a baked eye shadow trio, and a black eye pencil with small silver glitter in it.
Below: The Picture Perfect Makeup collection, a $37.00 value, is on sale for $9.95. You can insert a picture in the front of the case. I also ordered some of these for the girls in my husband's office. I think I'll put a picture of him in theirs!
Below: Inside of the case is a blush, lip gloss and 3 eye shadows.
Below: All of the items include a sheet that lists the items in the collection, as well as a full ingredient list for each one.
I had posted last weekend about a sale that LORAC Cosmetics was having on their web site, and my ordered arrived yesterday. Their quality and packaging are excellent, so when I saw the prices on their sale, I knew it was time to add some more of their products to my stash. I have one more order coming from them, because I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some Christmas gifts, and of course I couldn't resist getting a few more things for myself! As far as I can tell, the sale is still going on "while supplies last". Shipping is free over $50.00, and according to the previous prices, this order is valued at $293.00, but I paid just $53.45 for all of it. Now I feel better knowing that I justified my purchase! The shipping took 4 days, and I had eMailed them a question and they answered it promptly. I would say that their customer service is as fantastic as their products.

Researching cosmetics companies, their founders, their philosophy, and so on is always something that interests me. LORAC is the founder's name, spelled backwards...Carol. According to her bio page on their website, her father was a hairstylist and her mother was a manicurist. You can read more about her here.


  1. Thank god i dont live in the states or i would have gotten everything in this post and be lving off stale bread for a month!!

  2. I love buying makeup. It's so much fun when it all comes. You really got some amazing deals. Wish more companies would have prices like that. Have a nice weekend sweetie.

  3. Those look like they were a steal! I like how the picture perfect set has a frame to place a photo, a good idea for the office gifts :)

  4. Hi Mary! Fantastic blog, I really like this post and all your polish posts, too. What an amazing haul, and an awesome deal, too. I hadn't payed much attention to the brand but after your praise, I might look into it =)

  5. Tali~do you have any LORAC? I think you'd like it, but not sure it's available by you.

    Lucy~these deals were too amazing to pass up!

    Kae~their packaging is top quality on almost every product, and they're good sized too. A great brand, in my opinion :)

    Marce~thank you so much for the nice comment! LORAC is really good quality and I think they're underrated.