Monday, November 30, 2009

Korres Winner, British Swap, A New Weekly Contest!

Above & Below: Goodies from I swap I did with Andrea, one of my followers in England. These are my first GOSH polishes and the one on the right (Golden Dragon) is one of my favorite shade families. How cute is the lip gloss with a light in it! picked the winner of the Korres 6 piece facial skin care and cosmetic box for me...and the winner is...JustMeScarllet! She is from Portugal and has a very nice makeup blog that also covers some nail polish. Congratulations to our winner!

I felt like a winner when I recently received a swap package from Andrea, one of my followers from Liverpool, England. She had contacted me about the possibility of getting her some OPI Holiday Wishes polishes and Sephora by OPI polishes she was longing for, but didn't have access to, being in England. We worked out a swap and I told her to send me whatever she wanted, but that I did want some tea. She did a fantastic job picking out polishes for me without any direction! She also sent me a Gosh lip gloss that matches one of the lip glasses from MAC that is no longer available from their Barbie collection. It was my favorite lip glass and she had read a post of mine way back when, stating that I had been on the prowl for something similar. It's a near perfect match and it even lights up! Thank you so much Andrea for such a thoughtful package. I'll be posting swatch pictures soon.

Speaking of winners, I've been working on a new weekly contest for my blog and it will start with the inaugural post/contest this Friday, December 4. The weekly contest will be called Friday Follower Freebie. The basis of the contest is two-fold, first, to give you my followers, a chance to win prizes that are beauty-related as a thank you for supporting my blog. So yes, you must be a follower to take part in these giveaways. You can follow via Twitter (the button on the left), my follower box (on the right), rss feed, Blog Lines, and so on. Secondly, I wanted to consolidate some of my reviews/giveaways into a more orderly, timely fashion. By having a weekly contest, it allows me to stay on schedule with some of the reviews for products that are furnished by the manufacturer, while at the same time, offering you the chance to win some great prizes. Some of the prizes will be furnished by myself, while others will be furnished by the product manufacturers. I'll continue to have my monthly contest as well, but this is just another way to thank you and have some fun at the same time. The rules are simple:

~You Must Be A Follower

~There is a box in the right side column which will announce the prize. I'll update it every Monday with the previous winner from the week before, as well as what the prize is for the coming week.

~Every Friday, I will publish a post describing the prize, reviewing the product (if a review is warranted), and posting a photo of the item(s). All you have to do is leave your eMail in the comments section of that post. This information will also be cross-posted on Twitter every Friday. Each FFF contest runs only on Fridays, and all entries must be received by midnight that night. The winner will be drawn over the weekend and their name will be published in the contest box. They will also be notified with an eMail. Occasionally, there may be more than one winner, depending on the amount of products available.


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  2. Edit (grammar error xD):
    Great! A gift for my country ^^ JustMeScarlett has a great blog ;)

    Congratulations for your amazing blog ;)

    If you want: ;)


  3. Great swap and congratz to the winners!

    Great idea with the weekly giveaways!! I'll definitely look out for you post on Fridays lol

  4. nice swap !hehe
    cant wait for ur giveaway !hehe

  5. Awesome! I don't know how you keep up! Your amazing!

  6. flash lip of eyeko has got the flash light too :)

    check out you can use the ambassador code E3624 when checkout.

  7. You're so generous to your readers! :)

  8. Your new things look awesome - Andrea really did a great job picking you these polishes and I can't wait to see your swatches :-)

    And the Friday's giveaway is a great idea ! That's going to be so fun - thank you !!!

  9. aww mary you're such a generous lady!!! love ya!

  10. Thank you so much Mary. You truly embody the Christmas spirit all year round. God bless you.

  11. Thank you so much!!!!!! I couldn´t believe i won this giveaway, i am so happy:) Thank u so much Marry

  12. Andrea is fab. I love what she chose for you. I am drinking some of that raspberry tea as I type - I love it!

    And yes, you are ever so generous. But I'm not complaining!

  13. it's a brilliant idea...
    love it

  14. Awesome! A contest weekly is great.

    Congrats to the winner.

  15. Ana Rita~I'm happy when anyone wins, but I know Internationals are left out a lot, so that's why I like to include them :)

    ~Lisa~it was a great swap! Hope everyone enjoys the selections for FFF prizes, I'm sure some week will be better than others, but I'm trying to offer a variety of products.

    Vanilla~I love 'surprise' swaps! I'm never disappointed and seldom have products from other countries in my stash.

    Kitty~ha-ha, I don't know how I keep up either! I've always been too involved in too many things, but in a way, I function better that way!

    Sherry~I'll check it out, thanks :)

    Nina~thank you, it's fun for me too! I could give some of the extras to friends, but my followers are the ones that support my blog more, and my friends aren't as crazy about makeup and nail polish as we all are!

    Tuli~Andrea did a fabulous job! Hope everyone enjoys the new contest!

    Kellie~aw, thank you! Hope you win one!

    Lucy~You are welcome! It's about time for you to won my very first contest!

    JustScarllet~Congratulations again! Hope you enjoy the Korres line.

    Helen~her choices were spot on, just like yours have always been :)

    KaThy~glad you like the idea and I hope you win one too!

    Gabriela~glad you like the idea!