Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How I Love Sally Hansen Emerald Amethyst Nail Prisms

Above & Below: Emerald Amethyst displaying it's many personalities. It's olive and purple...
...a silvery lilac...
...a metallic shade of amethyst...
...silvery grey with a tinge of purple and green...
...difficult to define, but easy to love.
Another one of my older polishes, and the older it gets, the more I love it! I have just a few of these and Emerald Amethyst is my favorite. It's a duo chrome changing from a dusty lilac shimmer to an olive green with a little bit of gold in the mix. It can also look like a silver shade in the right lighting. I used one coat over a polish I showed you earlier this morning, LA Girl Metallic Pink. The shimmer is very fine, making the finish somewhat metallic when showing the lilac shade. I always enjoy rediscovering certain polishes, because it makes me appreciate their beauty all over again.


  1. Very lovely! :) How many coats did you use? Did you use a black as a base?

  2. Waowww ! Color's changing with light is just amazing O.o

  3. Amazing polish, no wonder you love it :)

  4. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice to see people break'in out the older antique polish's. Nail Prisms was a great S.H. collection.

    As always your nails look beautiful

  5. Dang that is cool! I love to use old nail polishes that are faves, and this one you have is pretty neat. The first pic really captures both the green and purple so well - great job!

  6. I love the new profile picture!
    This color is stunning and very drool worthy!

  7. Wow! I wish sally hansen released such products in the UK. We get the bare minimum of their poducts! Such a unique polish!

  8. The worst part about discovering old polishes is that it's hard to find again if you really start to run low. This is a stunning color!

  9. I loove nail prisms! I only have two and I covet them. Gorgeous!

  10. I used to have one of these when I was younger! Looking at your swatches, I wish I still had it!

  11. This is one of my favourites from this line! They are all so gorgeous :)

  12. Wow! This lacquer is amazing, I've never tried Sally Hansens but this is too awesome.

  13. oooooww, ahhhhh, do you know if they still make this one?

  14. Hi Mary,
    Lovely pictures. This polish has brought images of Nubar Wildlife to mind. Would you say they're dupes or more like cousins?


  15. What a lovely duochrome!
    You're totally right about rediscovering old (and sometimes forgotten polishes).

  16. Wow, you really captured this polish so well! It looks beautiful on you!

  17. Great job capturing all the many facets of this amazing polish and another HTF lemming to add to the list!

  18. That's a beauty. No wonder it's a favorite. I keep forgetting to tell you that I like your Thanksgiving Holiday designs. Your new profile picture is lovely. You look really happy. Who took the picture?

  19. Nessa~I just used one coat over the polish I already had on, LA Girl Metallic Pink.

    Celine~isn't it cool?!! I was afraid the photos wouldn't turn out to show it's true duo chrome, but they did :)

    All You Desire~glad you love it because you know I do!

    Deez~I neglect my older polishes too much and it always makes me happy and brings back memories. I need to use them more often.

    Brooke~thanks, I just love this one and I'm happy the pics turned out to show you.

    Evil Angel~thanks! My hair is darker now for the winter. My polish is not as drool worthy as your Liquid Euphoria though!

    Ally~I wish they still made these here! They can still be found here and there, but I wish they'd make more!

    Danica~I agree with you on that. I'd hate to run out of this one.

    Nixxy~this is definitely in my 'highly coveted' section!

    Caitlin~when I think of the polishes I had when I was much younger and stupidly didn't hang onto...ugh!

    Pinkginger~my favorite from this line too, although there are alot of nice ones in the collection.

    Pan~Sally Hansen doesn't make these anymore, but they should!

    Triskit~they don't, sadly. I see them on e-bay quite a bit though, and this one is a little more rare, but it does show up from time to time.

    Anonymous~I'd say they're definitely cousins. This shade reminds me of something else and I can't think of it right now :/

    Chocaddict~I'm having great fun in my reorganization of polishes rediscovering things.

    Cupper82~thank you, the pictures turned out just as I'd hoped.

    Cali369~yes, you should add this one to the list. You won't be disappointed.

    Lucy~thank you, glad you like the polish. I think I was drinking wine...lots of it, hence the happy look :) I can't remember who took it, a friend of mine I'm sure, but I took it off a friend's FB page. Happy you like the turkey, too!

  20. I will never get rid of my old polishes ever again. Last year I was doing a clean out, and got rid of about 6 bottles of the nail prism and 8 or 9 bottles of Magical Nail Makeup...I am REALLY kicking myself right now.