Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From My Untried's: OPI Blushingham Palace & Chile o Caliente?

Above & Below: Blushingham Palace photographed outside under cloudy skies, no flash.

Above & Below: Chile o Caliente? shown outdoors under cloudy skies, no flash.
Below: Indoors, with a flash.
I'm working feverishly trying to make a dent in my "untried's shelf", and I am making some progress! With so few new collections coming out right now, I figured this would be the perfect time to make some space for The Wizard of Ooh Ahz and OPI's Alice in Wonderland, due out in November and December, respectively. I picked both of these OPI's up locally, earlier this year at the clearance table in the back corner of Regis Hair Salon for 80% off. Blushingham Palace is from OPI's British Collection, and is a dusty rose or pinkish-mauve toned shimmer. The shimmer is very fine and looks to be a trio of silver, gold and pink (similar to the base shade) in color. Drying time after 2 coats was quick, and the finish is a high gloss one that has the slightest hint of a duo chrome, showing both pink and gold. This is not a duo chrome, so don't expect that, but the shimmer does cause a bit of color shifting, especially outside. BP has the Pro-Wide brush and was released in the Fall/Winter 2003. Chile o Caliente? is from OPI's South American Collection, and is a coral red shimmer with underlying orange tones. This collection is from the Summer of 2002 and does not have the Pro-Wide brush. You know I was excited to find a black label OPI for 80% off! It applied very well in 2 coats and has such a high shine, that I had trouble photographing it without a reflection of my surroundings on my nails. This one also is filled with very fine shimmer, appearing to be pink, gold and silver, depending on the lighting and angle.


  1. i loveee these colours there so pretty and girly,perfect for everyday wear

  2. Mary, I hear you about the untrieds! Initially I started my blog with the idea of reviewing them all before acquiring more polish, but the temptation to delve into new collections was too great!

    Blushingham Palace is a pretty rose. It's a sweet and classic shade.

  3. Both colors are lovely! I have nearly as many untrieds as I have trieds.

  4. Those colors are gorgeous! I have to make room for those two collections too!

  5. Though I don't have shelves of untried polishes but merely a box (or 2) I can totally relate to you when you talk about trying to review them to make room for the upcoming collections. And there's the OPI Hong Kong one to come in january too...gah!
    I love love love that blushigham palace pink, it looks like "the" perfect pink for me (the color of my sole pink dress when I was a little girl whose mum hated pink).

  6. How lovely do your nails look in these! Very pretty. Love both of these on you. I'll have to add these to my ever growing list. I just love them both. I like how shiny they both are.

  7. Chile O Caliente is my HG polish! I wear it all summer on my toes. Love it!

  8. Oooh! I love Blushingham Palace!! Great deal on 80% off!!

  9. Skye~thank you, I really liked both of them and I especially like Chile o Caliente for Spring/Summer.

    Diana~the untried's are out of control! My shelf is still nearly full and I don't think I've bought anything new in a couple of weeks!

    Evil Angel~hmmm, it sounds like many of us may have some kind of nail polish problem!

    Gildedangel~I'm sure it'll get worse after the first of the year with all of the Spring collections too!

    Chocaddict~oh that's right, the Hong Kong collection, and there's 12 in that set! I like the shade of pink too, it's not too pink, but very pretty.

    Lucy~these 2 seemed even shinier than usual! Not that that's a bad thing though.

    Sasha~I think it will look fabulous in the summer as a pedi color :)

    ~Lisa~I know, I couldn't pass up that price! There were others, but these 2 were so pretty, I had to get them.