Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finger Paints Holiday 2009: Icy Iris & Decked With Dazzle

Above & Below: Icy Iris is a rich, deep shade of purple with tiny glitter pieces that flash both purple and red.

Below: Decked With Dazzle is a medium dusty rose shade with hints of mauve. It has more glass-flecked type glitter, giving it a foil-like finish.

Two more from this collection, both being the purple shades in this set of 6. Icy Iris is a deep royal purple with shimmer. The shimmer in this is very sparkly and flashes both red and purple. It covered nicely in 2 coats and is truly a rich shade. I am amazed by how sparkly and twinkly this one is in real life. Decked With Dazzle is more of a dressed up shade of mauve with matching shimmer and glass-flecked type glitter in silver and various shades of the base color. I could also describe the color as a red-toned violet. It photographs brighter and pinker than it actually is. This one, along with one I showed you previously, Candy Cane Shimmer, both have the glass-fleck type glitter. Decked With Dazzle comes off with a more foil-type finish, perhaps because of the silver glitter laced throughout it. I used 2 coats, and after looking at it in the sun, I probably should have gone with 3. I love both of these shades and I would say that Decked With Dazzle is quite different from anything else that I have, mainly due to the finish type. Icy Iris is similar to other polishes I have, but the sparkliness of the glitter sets it apart.


  1. wow, the second one is nice!

  2. omg, the first one looks amazing<3 although the second looks also great:)

  3. Like them both. Purple is a beautiful shade and loaded with sparkle. Decked With Dazzle is the best of the two. Reminds me of a China Glaze finish. Very pretty.

  4. icy iris is really stunning :o looks great on your nails

  5. Both are beautiful. I love Icy Iris. This is the first FP Holiday Collection I've been around for and I'm in love!

  6. Icy Iris is just amazing! Although the name doesn't seem to have anything to do with the color or the holidays really.

  7. Both of them are amazing. Icy Iris does look very rich and I love its name, and also I just love the glass-fleck type glitter of Decked with Dazzle.

  8. Pien~it's really a different shade and I love the finish on it.

    KONADomania~glad you like them! I honestly can't pick my favorite from this collection, they're all great!

    AllYouDesire~this shade seems to be very popular, although I honestly love them all!

    Lucy~I'm starting to see more polishes with this type of finish. It's really different and attractive.

    GildedAngel~thanks, the whole collection is filled with gorgeous-ness!

    amusedPolish~thank you, it's such a deep purple, but the glitter is so sparkly it just lights up the overall look.

    Jessica~they're really an underrated brand, I think. Maybe because Sally seems to be the only place that carries them and they don't get as much exposure as other brands.

    Danica~I agree, the Icy part, yes, but the Iris, not so much!

    Tuli~I love the glass-flecked polishes. It's nice to see other companies using that type of glitter.