Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finger Paints Holiday 2009: Evergreen Dream & Snowman's Scarf

Above & Below: Evergreen Dream in full sunlight above and in filtered sunlight below.

Above & Below: Snowman's Scarf shown in full sun above and filtered sun below.

Below: The shades included in the Finger Paints Holiday collection.
Here are the last two shades in this collection and like the others before them, they're both very pretty. I've swatched the whole collection now (the others can be found in posts I made earlier today) and I'm pleased with them all. This is a medium-sized collection (6 shades) and contains a nice variety of colors and finishes with cute and memorable names. Evergreen Dream is getting lots of attention from nail polish lovers because it's green, and it makes me happy that more polish manufacturers are recognizing the allure of this color. It's a deep jewel-toned shade of emerald green shimmer with similarly colored small glitter. The sparkle factor is high on this one, just as it is with the purple in this collection, Icy Iris. Snowman's Scarf is a fire engine red shimmer with a subtle dusting of gold shimmer sprinkled throughout. I'm drawn to polishes that appear to be infused with gold, and this is one of them. It reminds me of another polish I love, Color Club's Velvet Rope. Both of these shades are shown using 2 coats and no top coat.


  1. Evergreen Dream looks so pretty!!!

  2. Evergreen Dream is stunning. I'm such a sucker for reds w/ gold in them. Those are my favorite reds ever. I must add this one to the collection.

  3. I'm definatly loving evergreen dream!

  4. Wow! I have to get Evergreen Dream. It looks really beautiful on you. Snowman's Scarf is nice also but totally overwhelmed by Evergreen Dream.

  5. I agree with you with every word about the green :-)
    And what a great collection ! I love each one of the colors and you did such a gorgeous swatches :-)

  6. so gorjuz im loving these christmas polish collections so pretty

  7. I love them both! I'm loving all these Christmas colours that are around right now. Gorgeous!

  8. GildedAngel~isn't it pretty? I love the deeper green shades and the glitter/shimmer adds alot.

    Jessica~glad you like the green, it seems to be very popular. I love shades that have gold in them like this too, I think I have 4-5 and I'll continue to add to that selection!

    Caitlin~it is a beautiful shade. It's so shiny and glossy looking and the shimmer is lovely.

    Lucy~Evergreen Dream and Icy Iris seem to be the most popular. I love greens too.

    Tuli~I really am pleased with the colors they came out with for this collection. Very good choices!

    Skye~Christmas collections are always fun! This is a great collection, just the right size and excellent colors and finishes.

    Helen~thanks! I was getting a little tired of OPI's, mainly because it's such a large collection with so many reds, but this one was more fun to swatch, for some reason.

  9. Great colours and swatches - I vote for the green too. Also how did you do that last combination shot? I've been using Life Poster Maker to create collage pics but wondered if you knew of something better?

  10. LOVE this collection!!! Thanks for the swatches!! I got Evergreen Dream, Icy Iris & Snowman's Scarf at my local Sally's but they didn't have the remaining 3 - so I ordered them from Sally's online - now I'm waiting! I just have to have the entire collection :)

  11. Cali369~the collages are done in Picasa 3. Just google it and you can download. It's a really useful program and it's free :)

    make_up_maven~you're welcome! Glad you're able to get them all, it's a fantastic collection.

  12. ou! i just got china glaze's emerald sparkle today, i wonder how that compares to evergreen?


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