Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finger Paints Holiday 2009: Candy Cane Shimmer & Sparkling Snow

Above & Below: Candy Cane Shimmer, outdoors with no flash under partly cloudy skies. You can see Greta in the background looking up in the sky trying to fugure out why I keep holding my hand up and taking pictures.

Below: Sparkling Snow is shown indoors with a flash in the first picture, and outdoors under cloudy skies with no flash in the second picture.

Today I thought I'd start in on the Finger Paints Holiday Collection found at Sally Beauty. There are 6 polishes in this set and I think Finger Paints has done another exceptional job on their holiday polishes. There are 2 reds, 2 purples, a green and a silver and all of them are either shimmers or glitters. Candy Cane Shimmer is a red shade leaning ever so slightly toward the pink side. It's a shimmer and also filled with a glass-flecked type of glitter in gold, silver and a red-toned fuchsia. Sparkling Snow is a bright shade of silver with silver glitter. The glitter seems to flash a bit of light blue in the sunlight. The finish is almost a metallic foil look and it's very eye-catching. I didn't use a clear top coat, but I imagine that would bring the color and finish up a notch or two. Both of these applied well in 2 coats with minimal drying time.


  1. Love the silver. It's like an amazing aluminum foil. Love this one. Reminds me of the finish of Wild and Willing. Candy Cane Shimmer is pretty also. So far I'm really liking this collection.

  2. That silver is stunning. I love it when you have pictures of Greta, I love shepards so much I just want to hug her!

  3. GildedAngel~thanks, glad you like them! It's a lovely collection.

    Nail Fanatic~that's a really pretty silver. It reminds me of the silver in Color Club's mini matte set.

    Lucy~thanks, I like the finish on it, very different. It's a very nice collection.

    Jessica~thank you! Greta is a sweet girl and we adore German Shepherds. My husband got me interested in them and we'll never be without one now :)