Thursday, November 12, 2009

Del Sol Color-Changing Polishes: Girls Night Out, Pretty in Pink & First Kiss

Above & Below: My personal favorite, Girls Night Out. Here it is shown indoors and you can see just a hint of gold shimmer in the picture below, although it appears more as a creme finish.
Below: Now you can see why it's my favorite, as I have a weakness for gold shimmer, especially in purples. This is how it looks after about 30 seconds in the sunlight.

Below: Pretty in Pink has a milky white iridescent finish in the shade. It's very delicate looking and reminds me of the inside of a sea shell with it's pearl-like sheen.
Below: Heading into the sunshine, it begins to transform.
Below: Full sun brings it to a Rose pink shade with a hint of flash still evident from the iridescent finish.

Below: First Kiss begins as a frosty pale pink shade indoors.
Below: It begins to deepen and take on a foil-like finish once outside.
Below: Once fully exposed to the sun's rays, it takes on a medium pink shade with a chrome or foil-like finish.
I did a couple of posts yesterday about the Del Sol color-changing polishes I was recently sent to review, and today I have the last 3 shades. If you're interested in these, there's a coupon code available over in the right hand column under "Tip Jar" for $5.00 off any online order (code: GIVEME5). I've really enjoyed sampling these polishes for a couple of reasons...they're nice polishes as far as the quality and application go, they come in a fairly wide range of colors and finishes, and they are very entertaining with their color-changing ability. My personal favorite of the 6 I received is definitely Girls Night Out. It's a lovely shade of Carnation pink that although a shimmer, appears more as a creme before being exposed to sunlight. Once in the sun, it turns into a rich plum-purple shade laced with gold shimmer. Those of you who know me, know that I love polishes with gold shimmer, so it's no surprise that this is my favorite. Pretty in Pink is an iridescent white shimmer indoors with the slightest hint of pink. The iridescent finish caught my eye right away, even though white shimmers are not my favorite look. It flashes pink, blue and lilac and once the color changes to a bright shade of Rose pink, almost a fuchsia tone, you can still catch a hint of iridescence (mainly light blue) on the nail. First Kiss is a very lady-like light pink shade that's not quite a frost, not quite a shimmer. Outdoors, it takes on a more foil-like finish, much like Electrick that I showed you yesterday. All of these covered nicely in 2 to 3 coats and dried quickly. After using these, it made me wonder what other things Del Sol could make besides the multitude of products they already carry with color-changing about eye shadow, mascara, highlights for hair, body lotion (not that would be interesting!)...the possibilities are endless. Check out this 5 O'Clock Somewhere Tee-Shirt and hold your mouse over the picture to change the colors. How cool is that?

Yesterday I told you some information about Del Sol and their products, and today I wanted to point out how involved they are in helping those in need. I'm always impressed by people and businesses who "share the wealth", so to speak. They have contributed greatly to such efforts as the Tsunami Relief in South Asia, Hurricane Katrina, mission trips to Costa Rica, well drilling projects in Kenya, and many other worthwhile causes to help those who need it the most. To quote an article in Salt Lake Magazine (Del Sol is based in Salt Lake City, Utah), "Each year, throughout the world, whether it’s in our stores directly or through our humanitarian efforts, Del Sol brightens millions of people’s lives through its products and Del Sol experience. Del Sol’s mission, to create fun, joy, smiles and memories for everyone under the sun, isn’t trite. It’s noble and necessary. We stand for all that is good. For sunshine. For fun in the sun. For memory-filled vacations. For laughter. For joy. We do it for young and old alike. For the smiles that it brings. We know who we are, and we’re proud to bring a little sunshine to so many people every day."

*Sponsored review, products furnished by Del Sol.


  1. dang it! i almost bought some of those on the boardwalk in Destin a few months ago! but I didn't know if they actually worked. Now I'm kicking myself. super cool

  2. Oh my word, these are so fun! I love Girl's Night Out. Purple with gold shimmer is always a win!

  3. That first one is the best! I think I need to get a few of these, they are to neat!

  4. These are really lovely shades of pink. Girls Night Out is my favorite also. It's also nice that they have a social conscience.

  5. Girls night out is my fave too! :)

  6. ohh these are just gorjuz Mary
    I have to agree the 'Girls Night Out'
    is my favorite looks gorjuz on ur nails

  7. Everyone loves Girls Night Out! As I do too! I've always wanted to try these! See Mary, you always tempt me into buying nail polishes! It's only fair :)

  8. Wow, these are so cool! I love Girls Night Out, the purple version reminds me of a darker version of Zoya's Zara. Purple and gold is always a winner!!

  9. I love the first one, these polishes are amazing !

  10. I LOVE all of the last 3 colours!! I'm still not liking the Peek a Boo from the last post....

  11. Ange-Marie~when in doubt, pick them up! Ha-ha, hope you get a chance again to get some, you'll enjoy them.

    Mighty Lambchop~I'm loving the gold in this one and wondering if any of the other ones they have look similar.

    Jessica~that's my favorite. I love it both ways, but the gold really shows in the purple.

    Lucy~glad you like them! I was very happy to read about all of the good things they do in addition to making such fun products.

    Nihrida~it's a beautiful shade and I'm glad you like it too!

    Gildedangel~thanks! I need to do a post sometime of all of the polishes I have with this type of gold shimmer.

    Skye~they are all pretty, but this one inparticular really appeals to me.

    Nail Fanatic~it's a good thing we don't live near each other...we'd constantly be tempting each other to buy more. Sounds like we have similar taste!

    Euridice~I totally agree, the first thing I thought when it started changing was that it looked like a Zoya.

    Celine~the technology is really interesting to read about. Amazing how they change!

    ~Lisa~Peek-A-Boo is not my favorite either. It's alright, but I guess I go for the more dramatic colors.

  12. these are gorg,

    but you have to be kidding me, $10 for a nail polish, maybe its just me but most of the world is having money troubles. That is an absolutely outrageous price for a nail polish.

    shame on them :(

  13. oh.roxy~they are pretty :) I think they're on sale often in-store for buy 2 get 1 free, and there's a coupon code available also. It seems everything's expensive these days, Maybelline's are $5.99 in a drug store.

  14. pretty in pink is my fave, such a dramatic change!