Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish

Above & Below: Del Sol's Color-Changing nail polishes that I'll be posting about later in the day. L-R: Pretty in Pink, Electrick, Peek-A-Boo, Girls Night Out, Ruby Slipper, First Kiss. The label on top shows the color it changes to.
Del Sol contacted me last month and asked if I'd be interested in trying out some of their color-changing polishes, and we finally have a full day of bright sunshine so I can review them properly. There is more to this company than meets the eye, and rather than do one post, I'd like to split it into 3, in order to share not only their polish with you, but also some interesting facts and highlights about their technology and some of the other good deeds that they are involved with. Here's a brief summary from the company about their polish line:

"Capture the power of the sun on your fingers and toes! Take your pick from 23 different shades of nail polish that all change color in the sun. It’s like two bottles of nail polish in one! Each Italian glass bottle contains two stainless steel mixing balls. Polish is Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde free. No animal testing."

Established in 1994, Del Sol combined science and sunshine to create the world’s first T-shirt that changes color in sunlight. Since then, Del Sol has grown to become the world’s largest retailer of merchandise that changes color in the sun, and the Caribbean’s largest clothing retailer. The company began selling its color-changing products out of a small cart in a Utah mall. After expanding its product line to over 20,000 SKUs; including hats, toys, nail polish, jewelry, and sunglasses, Del Sol opened its first, full store in St. Thomas, USVI in 1997. Del Sol quickly became one of the most highly promoted merchants on board Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Disney, Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Today, thanks to Del Sol’s worldwide fans, the company is soaking up the sun and sharing the fun in over 100 Del Sol stores in 12 countries.

You can visit their web site if you're interested in their polishes and other products, including a clothing line, sun glasses, and much more. There's also a $5.00 off coupon code over in the right hand column of my blog under "Tip Jar" for online orders (use code GIVEME5). They do not ship Internationally yet, although they are working on that. Their retail stores can be found throughout the US as well as Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico. They also have airport terminal shops worldwide, as well as port stores on cruise ships and in various ports of call. Scott, my contact at Del Sol, tells me that some of the retail stores will ship to customers within the same country. I didn't realize that we had one of their stores about 20 miles away in New Buffalo, MI, so I'll have to check that out sometime. I'll be posting polish pictures and additional information later in the day, so be sure to check back in.
*Sponsored review, products furnished by Del Sol.


  1. These are so fun. I have to get some!

  2. I didn't know Canada had a store too! But I bet it's miles away T.T

    And this is such a cool nail polish! HEEHEE I'd love to try Pretty in Pink and First Kiss. I'm such a natural type of girl..=/

  3. *sigh* another brand I can't get for love or money here in New Zealand - and they're so cool!

  4. Evil Angel~they're really fun! I love cosmetic products that entertain, as well! I have a Sebastian Angel Eyes palette that causes eyeliner to change color and I play with it all the time!

    ~Lisa~call them and see if they'll ship to you! The 2 you like are pretty, especially for a more toned down look. Nothing wrong with a natural look sometimes :)

    Selina~they are cool! But you have great brands there too, as do we, but we always want what we don't have :)

  5. I just found Del Sol Nail Polish on! Here's the link!

  6. I own 5 or 6 of them, but with the old formula, still containing toluene, DBP and formaldehyde :(
    since I live in Europe, I need someone to buy them for me in the US and then get them to me, so that's not so easy ;)
    But they are a lot of fun, like the sally hansen mood changing polishes. I really like color changing stuff *g* and color changing nail polish is just amazing :)