Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming Soon: Orly Spring 2010 Bloom Collection

I received a press release today on Orly's Spring 2010 collection called Bloom. These are scheduled for release in February 2010, but I imagine they'll start showing up sooner than that. I should have some of the colors next week to show you. Here are the colors and descriptions:

Walk Through the Wildflowers with this Blossoming Collection.
Introducing Bloom, the feminine Spring 2010 Collection from Orly that captures the colors of nature, straight from the garden. Bold colors epitomize this year's spring trends with deep pinks, burnt oranges, rich wines and purple blues.
The six new lacquers in the Bloom Collection include:
Wild Wisteria Blue Purple Creme
Blushing Bud Pink Creme
Ginger Lily Burnt Orange Shimmer
Thorned Roses Red Wine Creme
Pure Petunia Mauve Purple Creme
Wandering Vines Green Creme
What do you think about this collection? I wasn't terribly excited about it overall, but I must admit that the green piqued my interest simply because it's green, and Ginger Lily, the lone shimmer in the collection, caught my eye because I'm a fan of coppers. It looks to be more copper than orange to me, but I'll have to wait until I see them. The remaining 4 look like a number of other shades already out there in the market, but in all fairness, I'll wait until I see them in real life.
*Photo courtesy of LaForce-Stevens, for Orly Beauty


  1. I wonder how that green creme gonna look like ^_^

  2. I'm still looking for a creme dark blue that doesn't go black. Maybelline has the color but the wear is horrible--maybe this Orly will be the one for me.

  3. I spy 4 that look like must haves for me. Can't wait to see your swatches!

  4. I'll wait and decide once I've seen swatches. They look pretty predictable.

  5. Wandering Vines looks awesome!

  6. not too excited about this collection :\
    the green reminds me of enchanted forest, and almost half of these colors seem more suitable for winter

  7. I agree with Alexa - they don't seem to be very 'springy' colors to me. There's not enough vibrancy or life in them. They seem to be colors much more suited to a garden-themed or forest-themed collection.

  8. They look very pretty grouped as a But individually would I look at any one and think "must have"? No, nothing exceptional there at all.

  9. There is a dusty subdued feel (even on the bright pink) on those colors that doesn't remind me the freshness and waking up of spring at all. I'll keep on hibernating and wait for better colors in other brands! :P

  10. I might be interested in the green and the purple, but I'll be waiting to see swatches before I purchase - they look like they might be dupey to colors I already own.

  11. That green looks the same as the one from the happily ever after collection. I can't wait to see them. That purple one look kind of nice.

  12. Nail Fanatic~it looks lighter to me than the one they released in Happily Ever After, doesn't it? It's green, so whatever it is, I still want it!

    Anonymous~I have a Misa creme that looks nice in Navy, not too dark. I can't think of the name though!

    Evil Angel~I am curious to see them in real life, but there's a couple that I really like.

    Nosaby~I agree, but maybe I'll change my mind once I see them in person.

    Gildedangel~I think so too! Any green looks good to me :)

    Alexa Hayden~I think the green is lighter, but I'm not sure. I have to agree, the color choices were not my favorite, but I'll have to wait and see what I think once I see them.

    Katie~I totally see your point. I'm seeing lots of pastel shades for Spring, so this is a little different than the trend.

    Jaljen~they do look pretty dupe-able, for the most part.

    Nathalie~To me, the pink and the lavender one look Spring-Like, but I'm not quite sure what to think yet!

    keerthamina~I'll try to match the ones I receive to anything I already have, but I kind of agree with your thought.

    Danica~I think it's lighter and more Kelly green, but we'll have to wait and see.