Friday, November 13, 2009

Coming Soon: Orly Metal Chic Metallic Matte 2010 Collection

I recently received a press release for Orly's new Metallic Matte 2010 Collection called Metal Chic. First, let me apologize for the quality of the photo. It was sent to me in a Word .doc, and I honestly have no clue how to convert it into something that Blogger will recognize, although I did try! So I ended up copying it and photographing the copy. I'm excited about this collection because I've tried matte top coats over metallic or chrome polishes, but it didn't give me the result I was looking for. I ended up with uneven coloration on my nails and a finish that just wasn't the look I was going for. I'm hopeful that these will be more along the lines of the finsih I would like to see when I think of a matte metallic shade. I think they may have a finish somewhat like OPI's Matte collection, but have a bit more of a solid foil look, similar to the reverse side of aluminum foil...but what do I know? I love the metal shades, especially the copper one, Glam Rock. These should arrive to me next week, so I'll share them with you as soon as I can. Here's the description of the collection:

Have a wild side that’s raring to come out? Introducing Metal Chic, ORLY’s NEW Metallic Matte Collection, for the rocker chick in all of us. Expanding upon the popular matte trend, ORLY takes matte nails to the next level with a metallic finish. Wear over ORLY’s Bonder basecoat and brush on two coats of your favorite Metal Chic lacquer for wild child nails in a snap. No topcoat needed.

The three new lacquers in the Metal Chic Collection include:
Let your Iron Butterfly roam free in Metallic Matte Charcoal
Rock 24 karat Solid Gold nails in Metallic Matte Gold
Glam Rock is back with Metallic Matte Copper
The Metal Chic Collection lacquers will be available starting February 2010 for $7.50 each. ORLY Nail Lacquers and Treatment products are available at, Sally Beauty, Ulta and other purveyors of beauty throughout the U.S. and in over 66 countries worldwide.


  1. ooh, these do look promising! Just when you think all the matte has been done, so to speak. Thanks for the alert on these!! Metal matte = very cool.

  2. I'm guessing it was emailed to you. Here's a trick I use for times like that.

    If you use the Prnt Sc (Print Screen) button on your computer/laptop. Located on my laptop above the backspace key; then open up MS Paint (I only know how to do this on Windows, so if you use a mac I apologize). Then just crop the image you want out, save as screencap.jpg or something like that; then upload like normal :)

    Hope that helps

  3. Why so loooong! You know with polish we don't have much patience. I'm interested in Glam Rock also. I love copper shades. I hope everyone gets their free Zoya Hot Lips by midnight. 3 free lip glosses from Zoya Twitter. I got mine plus the two glitters.

  4. More mattes?! They look interesting tho!!

  5. I just got those new Orly's tonight, haven't tried them yet. They all look great. Your local Sally's should have them, that is where I got mine.

  6. I know what you mean about using a matte over chrome, my results over my last Konad were not what I wanted, but I found better results using chrome, then a glossy topcoat, then matte over that - it made the chrome shinier under the matte if that's not a total oxymoron LOL.

  7. I just finished putting Orly's Metal Chic Collection on. They applied very nicely, one coat would have been fine, but I applied two. The Solid Gold color is an ashy gold, more burnished looking. Hope you enjoy them as much as I am.

  8. These look fascinating! The thought of a matte metallic is dreamy.

  9. 0oo0 i cant wait to see these babies

  10. Wow, I cant wait to see these! I love the concept of this entire collection.

  11. Wah! I want to try these too!!

    As for the picture, try viewing it on your computer and as you're viewing it, press "Print Screen" on your keyboard. Then open Paint or whatever editing program you have and paste it there. Then you can crop out the picture and resize it to whatever you like =]

  12. Euridice~Now that I have them, they're really amazing. Who knows what mattes will come out in the furture!

    Anonymous~yes, it was via eMail. Thanks so much for the tip, I was going crazy! I'll give that a try the next time.

    Lucy~hopefully they'll show up online or at your Sally long before February. I got some Hot Lips last Spring and have yet to try them!

    Nail Fanatic~I don't think we've seen the end of the matte trend yet!

    Siameseflame~thanks for the info, hopefully some gals will be able to find them. I'm behind posting replies, but I did get some :)

    Diana~love these! This metallic is very nice.

    Skye~they are stunning! I'm very pleased with them.

    Adorepink~I just love metal shades anyway, so these are perfect for me.

    ~Lisa~hope you find them! Thanks for the info, it sounds like you and Anon. above have solved my problem :)