Saturday, October 24, 2009

Updates from VNS (OPI Alice in Wonderland?!!) & QRS Fall Shades

Above: QRS Quirius polishes which I believe are their new Fall colors. L-R: Courtly Rose, Chapel of Love, Rose Breeze, Just Take My Heart, Sand Castle, J's Cappuccino.
Below: Yen from VNS sent this picture to be and it's a polish that China Glaze made exclusively for them for Halloween, I believe. It's called Black Magic and I don't see it on their web site yet, but I've e-mailed her with some questions about it and hope to have some answers soon.
I have a few updates I wanted to share with you today about some new collections, because I know we are all in dire need of more polish! Yen from Victoria Nail Supply sent me an e-mail and casually mentioned a new collection from OPI, Alice in Wonderland. It's scheduled for a December release, and that's all I know. I almost wish I didn't know this, because now I'm extremely curious about it. She tells me "The Mad Hatter is really pretty." I'm hoping to have some more information and possibly some pictures soon, but the waiting will be difficult. Has anyone heard about this yet? I'm imagining all kinds of names for the polishes, but I guess I will have to be patient. Some of you may have already heard that China Glaze has pushed up the release of the The Wizard of Ooh-Ahz Collection to mid-November, and I know we're all looking forward to that. Yen said they're still expecting some additional Color Club Glitters and that they now have the full-sized bottles of Under the Mistletoe (green glitter) and Yule Love It (red glitter), which were included in the Color Club Wonderland mini set.

Yesterday I received an unexpected package from Quirius/QRS with 6 new shades that I believe are their Fall Collection shades. I don't see them on their web site as yet, but I have e-mailed Jamie for some clarification and will post swatches and hopefully more information soon. The collection includes a pink micro shimmer, a dusty mauve iridescent, a lavender iridescent, a bright pink iridescent, a taupe metallic, and a champagne metallic. These descriptions are based only on how they look in the bottle, but I'll update you more once I have a chance to use them. I apologize that I don't have all of the details about the polishes and collections mentioned, but I'll post any updates as soon as I have more information.


  1. Wow, that Black Magic is really pretty - I wasn't a big fan of Fortune Teller, but this is more up my street. And an "Alice" collection too! Inquiring minds want to know ;D (how about a Walrus deep slate green holo, please, China Glaze?)

  2. woops, that posted before I finished, wanted to add, I can't see OPI doing anything very innovative - Alice Band Pink & Suzi Hearts the Queen of Hearts red, anyone?

  3. Noooo Halloween is in 7 days already :( I'd wear it all the time though because I love the glitters. I keep stalking VNS because I want to place a large order all at once to save on shipping.

  4. this glitter looks amazing, too bad it's sold only on VNS, as they don't ship internationally, would love to have one:)

  5. I love the idea of a wonderland collection.I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, though the Cheshire Cat is my favorite :>

  6. Swedish blogger Emelie @ Pssion just posted this about OPI AiW: Mad as a hatter looks marvelous!

  7. Thanks for sharing the news, Mary! I've been waiting for the Oz collection and am now also really excited about the Wonderland collection, too. I read & enjoy your blog daily and will be looking for updates!

  8. :) -

  9. I just ordered more polish from VNS! i didn't wasnt to order just a few bottles. I ended up with lots of bottles. Now I'll be making another order when that special polish comes out! Thanks so much for all the information. How do I order OPI & Essie without having a license?

  10. Anonymous~a green would've been nice, but I am looking forward to this little collection. I like your name suggestions!

    Rachel~I haven't heard back and I don't see it on the site yet, unfortunately.

    KONADomania~I don't know if we'll be able to get it, I can't find it on their site :/

    Phyrra~I've since seen a pic of it and it's just 4 shades, which is nice for our wallet! They could have come up with so many more though!

    Sara~I saw that later in the day after I posted, thanks for sharing for the readers :) It looks lovely...well, 2 look unique anyway!

    Asami~thanks for the info. I really like the looks of 2 of them.

    Lucy~I sent you an e-mail :) I wish the special Halloween polish would show up.

  11. I'm excited about the Quirius! I just read on the site that the online store will be closed from Nov. 1 to April 10, 2010!! :(


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