Friday, October 30, 2009

OPI Holiday Wishes: Sapphire in the Snow & Merry Midnight

Above & Below: OPI's Sapphire in the Snow is a violet blue creme that looks more purple (above) in brighter lighting and more deep blue in less lighting.

Below: If you're going to get just one polish from this collection, my vote goes to Merry Midnight. So many character traits this one has!

Below: My skin isn't really this yellow! I held my hand under my desk light for this picture and as you can see, this polish has a lot going on...glitters, flakies, colors, shine, sparkle...all-around prettiness!

These two shades from OPI's Holiday Wishes Collection are both different and unique. It's nice to know I don't have any more reds to try out! Not that I don't like the reds, they just get a little redundant sometimes when 50% of the shades in this collection are reds. Sapphire in the Snow is "a deep, jewel-toned violet-blue", according to the official description. It applied oh so nicely in 2 coats, as have all of the cremes in this collection thus far. Depending on your lighting, the deep blue is sometimes more evident, and other times, it appears to be more of a purple shade. Whatever shade you want to call it, it's lovely.

Merry Midnight...what can I say about this stunner that hasn't already been mentioned by others? This one definitely lives up to the hype because not only is it a "Blue-violet with a starry, multi-hued shimmer", it also makes for a great layering polish. I tried it over several polishes, both dark and light, and it never disappointed me. I can only imagine what this would look like matted. It has an inky purple base that takes 3 coats to give you the full impact of it's beauty, but it's worth every one of them. It has tiny glitter, it has larger flakies, and it has a multi-faceted personality going on. The red flakies are the most evident to me, and the way the color shifts in the light against them, causes the polish to look both purple and red. I have 2 more colors to show you from this collection later today, but if this is one you've been considering buying, I'd highly recommend it.


  1. merry midnight looks stunning- i got two possible dupes for this one( sasatinnie, an asian brand and the german brand called alessandro)

  2. That's it! You have tipped me over the edge, I am going to go pick up Merry Midnight!

  3. yes!!! Merry Midnight has been my #1 pick since I saw swatches...must must have!

  4. wow, merry midnight is gorgeous - beautiful

  5. I love Merry Midnight - will definitely get it! I have Smitten With Mittens and Glove You So Much on the way, and I kick myself for not ordering MM as well ;))

  6. Merry midnight goes absolutely on my must-have list, it looks like a dream come true. Unfortunately I must be on no-buy for a while so I'm hoping it is still available after few months!

  7. Merry Midnight is also my number one in this collection and it looks stunning on you!

  8. OMG! This is too ironic! I just posted Merry Midnight,before checking on everyones blog. I guess great minds think! Merry Midnight is such a stunning polish.

  9. Merry Midnight is my favourite! I've yet to swatch it,but I've worn it a few times.It looks stunning on you!

  10. Merry Midnight is lovely. It kind of reminds me of the polish Nfu Oh#51.

  11. Merry Midnight is another I will be ordering. Looks gorgeous on you. Sapphire In the Snow is another lovely one. I may order it. I'm not sure. Is there anything like it?

  12. AmusedPolish~MM is a stunning shade. I'd love to see some possible dupes for it.

    GildedAngel~glad to help! It really is a unique shade to have.

    Jamie~me too, the first time I saw it, it really struck me as different and beautiful.

    Cali369~it is totally unique to me and just lovely.

    Vanessa~you really must have this one! I'm no help, am I?!!

    Amabile~I would think you'll still be able to find it later on. It's a must have, for sure.

    AllYouDesire~I agree with you, I think it's my favorite of them all.

    Velvet~we're nail polish twins! It's a beauty.

    Pinkginger~it really has a lot going on with all of the colors and glitters. I'm dying to matte it!

    Starrlite~you're right, it does! The flakies remind me of the Nfu's, more polish companies should start using them!

    Lucy~definitely order MM! I thought I had a Misa that looked like Sapphire in the Snow, but it doesn't have the purple going on as much.

  13. I'm new to looking at posts on nail polish, and I love this site! I'm an AVID nail polish fan (change my colors 2x/wk at a minimum)depending on what I'm wearing the next day. I fell in love with Merry Midnight! I've worn it alone and layered over Sapphire in the Snow - beautiful both ways.

    I'm really sad about the discountinued Music Hall Curtain Call. Excellent fall color, excellent color for all us Texas Longhorn fans and it's even a really pretty holiday color. I realize colors must come and go, but those that we fall in love with are hard to let go.

  14. i would like to know how i can purchase a few bottles of sapphire in the snow in portland,or