Friday, October 30, 2009

OPI Holiday Wishes: Holiday Glow & All A-Bordeaux the Sled!

Above & Below: OPI's Holiday Glow is a shade that is called Charcoal by OPI, but it can take on brown and purple tones as well.
Below: All A-Bordeaux the Sled is a red/brown creme.

Below: The last 6 of this collection are pictured here. If you're interested in the first 6 I swatched, you'll find them a few posts down.
Here we have it, finally...the last two shades from this collection. I find it much easier to swatch an entire collection when they're smaller, say the size of Essie's Sweet Time of the Year! All in all, OPI's Holiday Wishes is a very nice collection because it has some unique colors and finishes, some more than others. I would have preferred to see a few less reds and a few more additional colors, perhaps a deep blue or emerald green with the flakies and glitters that are found in Merry Midnight, for example, but maybe next year.

Holiday Glow, described by OPI as "Charcoal grey glowing with a touch of silver", is an interesting shade, in that I do see charcoal when I look at it, but I also see purple or brown also, depending on the angle and the lighting. It's filled with very small silver glitter that seems to reflect in the light and turn from silver to red. This one is quite different in terms of color, so I'm happy to have it. All A-Bordeaux the Sled, classified as a "wine" shade by OPI, is a deep, rich shade of what I would term as raisin, or deep mahogany red. It's a little more brown-toned than what I consider Bordeaux to be. This one is a creme and I ended up going with 3 coats because I still had a few mild "bald" areas after 2 coats. A nice shade, but nothing really stands out to me about this one that makes it exceptional.


  1. Great swatches, your nails are so pretty!

  2. Mary you have such great swatches!

  3. Merry Midnight is my favorite! I ordered it on Amazon but it arrived broken, so they're resending it. Soon I'll be able to play with it.

  4. wow!!! those polish are gorgeous!!! i love ur nails..

  5. perfect swatches and gorgeous colours!

  6. Thanks for all these swatches Mary, I can't wait to receive my Holiday Glow ! ☻

  7. I like Holiday Glow. I'll definitely buy that one. The other I doubt I'll order. Thank you for swatching all of the collection. I just looked at All A-Bordeaux again. Darn it's a gorgeous color. I know I have others like it. Still it's awfully purty!

  8. GildedAngel~thank you. It took me longer than I'd hope to swatch them all!

    Evil Angel~well thank you! I need to quit being so lazy and swatch them all at once instead of taking a week or two!

    Phyrra~you made a wise choice getting MM! It's so pretty.

    Thriszha~they're all pretty, I agree. Thank you :)

    KONADomania~thanks, it was fun seeing them all "on" as opposed to in the bottles.

    Celine~you're welcome :) Holiday Glow is such a different shade, I am quite taken with it.

    Lucy~I know the feeling. At first I though it was alright and likely similar to something else out there, but it is really pretty :)