Sunday, October 25, 2009

OPI Holiday Wishes: Glove You So Much and Meet & Jingle

Above & Below: Glove You So Much is a rich burgundy shimmer.

Above & Below: Meet & Jingle, a true red shimmer.
Below: The 6 shades I've used so far from OPI's Holiday Wishes Collection.
This puts me halfway through the OPI Holiday Wishes Collection and today I have the 2 red toned shimmers for you. I wouldn't say that either one of these have any color or finish qualities that make them unique, but they are pretty shades nonetheless. They both applied nicely in 2 coats with minimal drying time. Glove You So Much is a burgundy shade and OPI describes it as "Glove You So Much! Almost as much as this rich burgundy!". It is a very deep, rich shade and both of these shades remind me of crushed velvet. The shimmer in them is so dense and fine that it tends to make the finish look plush and almost textured. Meet & Jingle, described "as rich crimson that loves to mingle", is a nice, true red shimmer. I've posted a photo of the 6 shades I've used so far for a comparison for you, and I'll be finishing up the other 6 later in the week.


  1. These are both two pretty shades. Looks like polishes I've seen before. I won't be ordering many of this part of the collection. They look beautiful on you.

  2. I am tres excited to see 'Holiday Glow' & 'Sapphire In The Snow' - Those are the two that I now am really wanting to get.. But it never hurts to see them first ;D

  3. both colours are gorgeous! so festive<3

  4. They are lovely and Christmas-y. I don't have a single shimmery hot red. And can you believe I was standing by the entire display of these in Selfridges last week and didn't buy a single one? I blame Tali - she arrived and distracted me!

  5. They are pretty but seem typical of an OPI Holiday collection. Thank you for showing these!

  6. Evil Angel~glad you like them! They're common colors, these two, but still glowy and pretty.

    Lucy~there are some unique shades in the collection, but certainly not every one of them. I really like the glitters in some of them.

    Delaynee~those two appeal to me alot also. I'll get to them!

    KONADomania~they are quite festive looking, I agree. I especially like the darker one, Glove You So Much.

    Skye~hello! Glad you like them :)

    Helen~What? You need a shimmery hot red! Sure, blame Tali :)

    Mighty Lambchop~I'm not surprised there are colors like this in the collection, what's Christmas without reds?!