Thursday, October 29, 2009

OPI Holiday Wishes: Dear Santa & Comet Loves Cupid

Above & Below: OPI's Comet Loves Cupid shown indoors with a flash. This was nearly opaque with one coat, but I went ahead and applied a second coat to it.

Above & Below: OPI's Dear Santa is shown indoors with a flash, 2 coats.
Two more from this collection, and they're both shades of red. I have 4 more to go, which I'll post tomorrow. I need to start doubling up on my posts because my untried rack of polishes is does that happen? I have no idea...

Dear Santa is a true red base with red and gold twinkling glitter. The gold is not evident under normal observation, but the twinkling sparkle that this polish displays, is unmistakable. This shade is similar in finish to Smitten with Mittens and Crimson Carol, but in my opinion, it's the truest, clearest of the 3 red glitters in this collection. Crimson Carol has a slight pink tone in the red and Smitten with Mittens is a little darker shade of red than Dear Santa. Not a burgundy, but more of a slightly darker shade of cherry red. The application and coverage was excellent in 2 coats, with minimal drying time.

Comet Loves Cupid is a red creme that covered remarkably well in one coat, but I added a second out of habit. The formula on this one was extraordinarily amazing. Upon inspection of this shade, I would call it almost a true red, but it seems to have a hint of coral or pink in it, depending on the lighting. This collection has an overabundance of reds, but this shade really won me over for some reason. I realize it's just a red creme, but the application was so nice and easy, that it deserves mentioning.


  1. Comet loves cupid is really a stunning colour, very eye-catching, but so is dear santa, it reminds me a bit of ruby pumps though, can't wait to get it:)

    I'm also having my first giveaway:)

  2. They both look lovely on you. Why do they have so many reds? I know red is a Christmas color but 6 reds? I might get Dear Santa just because of the glitter.

  3. GildedAngel!thank, glad you like them :)

    KONADomania~they're both pretty colors, but I love the creme. I'll check out your contest :)

    Pien~thank you! They're nice shades.

    Jessying~ha-ha, happy you like them!

    Lucy~this collection really had a few too many reds, didn't it? The glitter in all of these polishes is nice, it's a little different than your average glitter.

  4. I can't find Dear Santa anywhere. What is the closest 2010 shade to it?