Thursday, October 22, 2009

OPI Holiday Wishes: Crimson Carol

Above & Below: OPI's Crimson Carol is a rosy-red shade with gold and red glass-flecked glitter. Unfortunately, the gold doesn't transfer to the nail as much as I'd hoped after seeing it in the bottle. However, the red glitter is very sparkly and evident.

This is the second shade I've tried from this collection and like the first one, I like it rather well! OPI describes it by saying "You'll want to sing about this rosy-red shimmer!", and I agree that it's a rosy-red, not quite red, but with some pink tones in it also. The shimmer part I'd have to argue a bit with because although the base is a shimmer, it's filled with red and gold glass-flecked type glitter, which certainly deserves mention. Those pieces are most appealing to me in this polish. I love this type of glitter and I'm seeing more and more of it in polishes. The Finger Paints collection that I showed you a picture of yesterday also has several shades in it with this type of glitter. Crimson Carol applied very nicely in just 2 coats and is a pretty shade for the holiday season. It's a red, obviously making it appropriate for the season, and it's very sparkly. The gold doesn't show up on the nail as well as it does in the bottle, but the red glitter, especially in darker lighting, shifts and twinkles with every move of your hand.

The winner of Essie's 3-piece collection, Sweet Time of the Year, is Selina. She is from New Zealand and has a wonderful blog showcasing nails, but she also manages to include fashion and accessories as well. Her blog, Pretty Clever, can be found here. So check it out and congratulate her. Thanks for all of your entries and I really enjoyed reading through your answers.


  1. Aww, this is so pretty! I really like this. And it really does look festive, it'll be a great Christmas season polish.
    Congrats to Selina!

  2. Ohh what a pretty and festival nail color for the holiday seasons! Congrats on reaching 300 followers by the way! :)

  3. Oh I love this too! I'm a sucker for the red and gold!

  4. That is really pretty! I'm impressed with this Holiday collection, they have some awesome colors.

  5. What a lovely red, it makes me think of some candy canes I used to have for Christmas when I lived in North America. It's very pretty on you :)

  6. This collection has such awesome colors! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on them, or more like getting the colors on my hands!

    Oh yeah, I've tagged you!
    Check out this post for details.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I've been bouncing around the house all morning. My 10 Year Old Son was so excited when I told him I'd won something. Until I told him what it was!

  8. Congrats to Selina. It's nice that international ladies are winning. Also nice that you will ship to them. You are so sweet Mary! That's a pretty shade on you. Darn I swore I wasn't going to order any reds from this collection. They always look so pretty.

  9. Hi Mary,
    I really love the color on you , its great!

  10. Nicole~thank you, it's a little more pink toned than I wanted, but still pretty.

    Kalmo~glad you like it :) and thanks for the congrats.

    Kitty~I really like the type of glitter in these!

    Mighty Lambchop~it's a pretty nice collection and I'm happy with not only most of the colors, but the finishes, as well.

    Chocaddict~thanks! It is a pretty shade, I just seem to prefer ones without a pink tone when it comes to reds.

    Pien~thank you, I love the glitter effect.

    Ashley~which ones are you getting? I have a bad habit of getting an entire collection, even though there may be a color or two I'm not thrilled with! Thanks for the tag, I'll check it out (I'm way behind on reading and posting).

    Selina~you are most welcome! I'm sure your son doesn't see the fun in it though, understandably from his point of view!

    Lucy~I'm always happy when an International reader wins also. It's nice to give them things they may not has access to. Glad you like the polish :)