Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nubar Moodies Berry Glitter to Light Pink & Contest Reminders

Above & Below: Nubar Moodies in Berry Glitter to Light Pink is a berry pink tone with a hint of coral and lots of beautiful gold glitter.

Below: The color change in this particular shade is not as dramatic as some of the others. You can see on the left how it looks normally and on the right, after I ran my hands and the bottle under warm water.
Nubar Moodies have been discontinued by the manufacturer, but are still available on their web site, as well as on various other sites. The idea behind them is that as the temperature of your hands change, the shade of the polish changes along with it. I've seen some pictures of these polishes that give almost a colored French Manicure look to the nail, due to the fact that the tip of the nail is cooler because it doesn't have your skin beneath it to warm it up as much as the bed of the nail does. If that's the effect you want, it's best to choose one of the shades that changes from one color family to another, such as Onyx Glitter to Clear Glitter or Brown Sparkle to Sheer Silver. Mine is basically a "pink to pink" so I didn't notice a big difference in color variation from the bed to the tip. When I ran my hands under hot water, the shade did change from a berry color to a lighter shade of pink. It's still a nice shade and the gold glitter is very pretty. This applied nicely using 3 thin coats and dried quickly. The shade is a medium toned berry pink with coral undertones. I chose this polish from my untried rack, so slowly but surely, I'm making my way through these. I actually got this from Yen at Victoria Nail Supply, so if you're interested in these, you can send her an e-mail to see what she has in stock.

Just a reminder that the Body & Soul Monthly Contest ends 10/14/09 at midnight and the Tarte Cosmetics Giveaway ends tonight at midnight. If you'd like to enter, there's still time. Just click on the contest titles and you'll be directed to the original posts with all of the details.


  1. I've always wanted to try Nubar moodies! They look interesting, this one looks nice on you

  2. Cool! I've been tempted to try Nubar Moodies too. I might have to get off the fence and try!

  3. This is really interesting, I would love to try one too :) I like this shade on you.

  4. I love pink! and this one looks lovely on you :)

  5. I love the glitter in this, yum!

  6. That is so fun! I never heard of this before, thanks so much for sharing!

  7. 0o0oo0 i LOVE this colour that added gold adds so much

  8. Hi ! I just send you a private mail !! Please check your spams file because my address is sometimes seen as spams ahahahah ! I asked for informations about the shoppe ^-^ Thank you so much ! I'm so happy I found you ! Smooches from Belgium ;-)

  9. Hi ! it's Sandrine from Belgium ! again ahahhaah I don't know why but my blogger/google account doesn't show my blog's link :-( So I have to save it with another account ! Let's see if it works now ahahaah ! Hugs !

  10. How disappointing about the collection. The Moodies polish is really pretty. Pretty pink glitter. I like all the little added touches of Halloween to your blog. Cute!

  11. Nail Fanatic~I liked this one, especially the glitter. But now I want one that has a more obvious change in color!

    Velvet~don't feel bad, I've wanted to try these for a long time too!

    AllYouDesire~thank you! It's a pretty shade, I agree.

    Nixxy~I really liked the shade once I put it on. I like the hint of coral.

    Pinkginger~of course you like pink...your name says it all! Thank you :)

    Kae~the glitter in the bottle look really caught my eye and I wasn't disappointed once I put it on.

    Mighty Lambchop~happy to introduce you to something that'll make you spend more money on polish! Ha-ha :)

    Skye~I really like the glitter in this, it's pretty obvious glitter, but not too much, if that makes sense!

    Sandrine~got it! We'll be in touch :)

    Lucy~glad you like the blog design! I love Halloween, so I had to do something to it.

  12. The color is gorgeous. I`m surprised about color changes because I haven`t seen these nail polishes before.