Friday, October 2, 2009

NOTD: Misa Toxic Seduction

Above & Below: Misa Toxic Seduction, 2 coats, outdoors under clouds yet again, no flash. I did a major swatchfest so my poor hands show the signs of acetone!

It feels nice to start revisiting some of my older polishes this month, so I'll start off with one of my 2 favorite Misa polishes, Toxic Seduction. My other favorite from this line is Dirty Sexy surprise there! Toxic Seduction is from Misa's Fall 2008 collection, Poisoned Passion. The entire collection was one of my all time favorites from any company, which is why I may have been a bit disappointed in their Only Human collection. Toxic Seduction is a blackened forest green shimmer with a hint of teal. The first coat goes on rather thin and the blackened or more charcoal base is quite apparent. The second coat gave me the opaque look that you see in the photos. The shimmer is small and a lighter shade of the green/teal. This is such a beautiful color and I've always been very happy with Misa's application.

I'm hopeful that they'll start coming out with a few more collections or some new shades, as their website is somewhat out of date and I never see ads for them anymore in some of the nail publications that I get. What are your thoughts on Misa polishes? Do you have any favorites?


  1. Oooh I have this from my swap with Kelly and can't wait to try it. Looks amazing on you!

    And spooooookily I am scheduling a post for DSM to go live in a couple of days, after wearing it for a few days this week. We are on the same wavelength today!

  2. Misa is one of my favorite brands. This green looks so good. I'd love to give this one a try. I don't have anything even close to this color.

  3. I have 18 bottles of Misa polish. My favorite is Ghetto Fabulous. Just a gorgeous shade. Dirty, Sexy Money is a close second. I think they are very underrated. Have a nice weekend.

  4. gorgeous green<3 I'm no that much into green polishes, but this one look really great. At the moment I don't own any Misa polishes, but would certainly want some!

    and yes, you've been tagged;)

  5. Helen~you'll love this one! I saw your post title on your $OPI but it wouldn't let me read it. I'll try again, I just wondered how you liked it. Too funny about your DSM, great minds...!

    The Pretty Brown Girl~I don't think I really have anything quite like this either. I'm glad you like Misa's, I think they're wonderful.

    Lucy~yay, another Misa lover. They are indeed underrated, but they don't do alot of marketing, so maybe that's why it seems lots of people haven't tried them?

    KONADomania~I am a lover of greens and teals, so this is perfect for me :) Thanks for the tag!