Saturday, October 10, 2009

NOTD: Barielle Misbehaving Mistress and Who Else Has a Nail That Grows Oddly?

Above & Below: Barielle's Misbehaving Mistress shown in 2 coats. The top picture is outdoors with no flash and the picture below in indoors with a flash.
Below: In filtered light it seems to take on some brown tones.
Below: In direct sunlight it takes on a true charcoal grey shade. The finish is extremely glossy.
Below: I picked up some brush-on nail glue in hopes of diminishing the freakish way that my middle nail grows! More on that below.
I'm using my last untried Barielle polish today, Misbehaving Mistress. It's a medium toned charcoal grey shimmer that applied nicely in 2 coats. As with most Barielle's that I've tried, this one also dries to a high shine glossy finish. In some lighting it takes on a slight brown tone, but in most lighting, it is a true charcoal grey. The finish on this is very pretty and the shimmer, although subtle, seems to add a slight dimension to the look. I noticed that Barielle is having a monthly contest on their web site's front page, and this month's prize is the entire All Lacquered Up (12 pc.) set. You might want to check it out if you'd like to take a chance on winning what I consider to be one of the best Fall/Winter collections introduced this year.

On another nail-related subject, do any of you have a nail that grows differently than the others? The nail on my middle finger always seems to curve inward and downward on one side as my nails get longer, and no matter how I file it or work with it, nothing seems to help. I picked up a bottle of Kiss Brush On-Nail Glue at Meijer earlier this week, and painted a coat on the underside of that nail. Then I placed the edge that bends down on an index card and applied pressure to the nail until it was straight, holding it in that position for about 45 seconds. It did seem to make it look a little more normal. I'm going to try it again when I get out of the shower so that the nail is softer, and I think it'll 'hold' even better. Maybe if I do this enough times, I can train it to grow normally, who knows!


  1. My right index nail grows odd too, it runs in the family to have one or more nail doing that :D

  2. I just love the name of this polish "Misbehaving Mistress"! It makes me want to buy it for the name. I dont have any nails that grow a bit odd. They just don't!

  3. I have exactly the same problem with all of my nails. Actually, I find that it's the shape I file my nails in that makes it do that. I used to keep them round as well and it wasn't until I started filing them square that the problem resolved itself. Nails seem to have a mind of their own and want to "be" a certain shape. Yours seem to want to curve, like MissChievous' ( I love her nails. I tried going back to a round shape and they started to curl on the sides again. I did find that the sides of my fingers hurt before they developed the calluses, though, but that went away after a while and now they grow square and straight on their own :). I think the calluses help support the nail into that shape and keeps them from curling.

  4. Another beautiful color :) To the nails: I have one odd too. My right index nail grows soooo slowly! The shape is ok. My mom has the same problem :D

  5. That's really a gorgeous colour.

    I think we all have some sort of problem with our nails and the way they grow. I've always thought my pinkie fingernails look really silly 'cause they're so thin and narrow and my fingers are kinda chubby, haha. Other than that, my nails often tend to get kinda weak and bendy all bar one - the ring finger of my right hand. When I was 7 years old that finger got shut in a door and broken and the nail fell off, but the one that grew back in it's place is seriously like diamond, it NEVER breaks and it's a real task trying to clip it down when I cut my nails 'cause it's so strong. Weird!

  6. Oh, I do! I've done damage to both of my index fingers, one in an ax accident, which I posted about, and one two years ago that I stabbed the tine of a fork into the side of it - and it still hasn't fully recovered. Boy, I would never have thought that I could hurt my finger so badly with a fork, but it did! Both index finger nails now grow to a warped shape when they grow out, I have to file them to get them to look right. I'll be curious how your experiment works!

  7. I love this colour on you! and My right ring fingernail always leans slightly to the right. I have no idea why.

  8. Hi hun,

    I was just reading your post about your nail growing oddly. The reason for this is the shape you file your nails. Round nails are meant to be shorter, so when they grow out long and are filed in a rounded shape, they tend to curl under. Try filing them into a more squoval (square & and round out the corners a bit) and they should be corrected.

    I see this a lot of times with clients at work (I'm a manicurist) they all file their nails round and once I show them how nice they will look just slightly more square, they never go back.

    You have beautiful nails btw! :o)

  9. Hi Mary! Love the barielle color!

    Your experiment sounds interesting, I'm curious as well if it's possible to "train" a nail to grow a certain way.

    I have one nail that curls in as it grows longer, my right index finger. When I was in first grade it slammed into a bathroom stall door and a few days later the nail fell off! Up until 5 years ago it was still pretty funky. I mean it still is, but that nail hasn't been the same since it feel off. It used to have tiny bumps, grooves and super thin for many many years. Sorry rambling now, but anyway now I only have to deal with the funny curl I get :D

    Goodo idea waiting for a shower, i lose my c curve and my nails are flat after a hot shower!
    Okay I'll stop typing now lol.. =x

  10. i have the same problem as you do! Only mine is on the index of my left. Bothers the hell outta me!

  11. My nails are square. My nail beds are naturally curved so it can visually read as my nails having rounded corners, but it is not so. My middle finger on my right hand occasional curves. My pinky on my left has a slight curve right now. I file a little at the side of the nail that curves. It seems to take the pressure off the curve and it lessens it.

    I am interested to hear how your experiment works out. :)

  12. Kajsa~good to hear I'm not alone! It really bugs me :/

    Velvet~I'd buy it for the name too! Be glad you don't have a 'freak' nail :)

    Bottledmalice~I'm working on filing them into a more square shape each time I file them. It does seem to help somewhat!

    AllYouDesire~it's nice to hear others have an issue with some of their nails too. Glad you like the Barielle, I like this shade very much.

    Leanne~thank you, it's such a pretty shade of charcoal. That's interesting that the injured nail is now the strongest one!

    Nicole~we should all tell our nail polish injuries...yours sound awful! I didn't do the glue trick today and I should have! I did work on filing them a little more square though this morning.

    Pinkginger~thanks, it's one of my favorite charcoals, now that I've tried it. After reading these messages, I think most of us seem to have the problem nail or two.

    KatieCouturexo~thanks for the advice, I'm trying to get them more squared and see if that helps!

    Kae~thanks! you and Nicole with your nail injuries...ouch! I don't know if I can train it to grow differently, I doubt it!

    Berry T~aw, we'll get through life somehow with our deformed nails! But seriously, it bothers me too :)

    Diana~I see what yu're saying about the nail bed curving as well, and yes, mine do slightly also. I guess it's all a matter of filing them correctly for the best possible look to correct their flaws.

  13. Since I started to read nail blogs I have found that this is a very common problem. And I thought I was unique *pouting*

    I have a middle finger nail that grows curved. As to my knowlegde, it always has, but I used to blame it on a accident when I was 4 years old and split this finger badly. After reading about so many other warped nails, I have started to question if there is a connection. Oddly, after my first child birth, the nail straightened out considerably, it is much straighter than it was before. I noticed that just a few days after child birth, and the effect still holds, 6 years later and after one more child. Very strange.. :-)

  14. I think we all have a crazy nail or two. That's really interesting that your gluing your nail. I sort of find it funny! If it works I won't laugh. I really like the charcoal shade on you. It looks brown in some pictures. Pretty on you.

  15. Misbehaving Mistress is so pretty!