Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Swap With Tali

The lovely and talented Tali and I arranged to do a swap, and I wanted to share a picture of the goodies that came my way from England. If you're not familiar with Tali and her blog, The Gloss Goss, check it out. She posts some very informative cosmetic-related posts, as well as posts on skin and body care products, and also fashion. Her taste is impeccable and I am always impressed with her talent when it comes to cosmetics and application. She shares her talent in a number of video posts as well, but I will warn you, this girl can make anything look good! Her shopping hauls are legendary among her readers, and I guarantee you'll enjoy her blog. Thank you Tali for a wonderful swap, even if the post offices, both U.S. and London, didn't make it easy for us!

I received some nail polish brands that are new to me, as we don't have access to these in the U.S. I can never have enough lip care products, so the Vaseline Lip Therapy is much appreciated. Having never tried Aromaleigh mineral products, I was excited to find some of their samples in the box as well. Thanks again Tali, for such a wonderful package and the new additions to my nail polish collection.


  1. Tagged you! Details on my blog. :)

  2. Can´t wait to see the swatches on you. The colors look great!

  3. I picked a Mavala polish up while I was living in Switzerland this summer. Prices in Switzerland are outrageous and I only had the heart to buy one considering the size. I haven't used mine yet but I'm curious of what you think of them. I might pick up another one or two when I go back for christmas.

  4. Nice swap. Can't wait to see swaps of these. I will also look into Tali's blog. Have a wonderful day today.

  5. Hello! I just wanted to express how much I love your blog. Your website truly has rekindled my love for nail polish (and my addiction to it, haha!). It is so much fun to see all the colors and brands you try out. Body & Soul is my go-to nail polish and beauty website now!

    I also want to thank you for informing me of VNS... what an awesome store! I really wish I could buy OPI from them, but that's okay. Since I found your blog I've gotten things from both VNS and OC Nail Art. After all your swatches of QRS and Zoya polish I am tempted to get some of those, too!

  6. VERY cool! What a fun swap!

  7. Great swap! Can't wait to see it swatched :)

  8. Krisprimps~thank you! I'll have to get on with my assignment :)

    Tali~you know I will!

    AllYouDesire~I'm excited to try them out as well, thanks!

    Allison~I've seen pictures of them but never had any so I'll be sure to try them out and let you know what I think.

    Lucy~I love all of the purples/lavenders! I'll get to swatching :)

    Carley~thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you find my blog useful and it's nice comments like yours that motivate me to always try a little harder. Thank you, that made my day :)

    BeautyJudy~it was Intl. swaps are always a fun surprise.

    Nail Fanatic~it was fun...I love the element of surprise and Tali didn't disappoint!

    Skye~thanks, I think we both were very happy with it!