Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lippmann Collection Don't Tell Mama

Above & Below: Lippmann's Don't Tell Mama, outdoors under cloudy skies. This covered very nicely in 2 coats and I love the shade.

Below: The start of my nail storage revamping project. I'm using this CD storage rack for my untried's and I still have more to add to it. The bottom shelf holds some of my treatments and implements.
Don't Tell Mama is one of Lippmann's new Fall colors and this shade is one of my favorite color groups. It's a blackened emerald green with a hint of teal that dries to a high shine glossy finish in 2 coats. I love the bottle design of these...they're square and heavy, with a little beveled base. The only thing I didn't care for with regard to the bottle design is that I think the handle itself could be a little longer. I have fairly small hands and I felt like I didn't have the best control over it, due to it's short handle. I have no complaints about the polish, as it applied very nicely with a good consistency and dried quickly. The first coat was typical of most polishes, a little streaky, but the second coat concealed everything perfectly. Indoors the color appears to be dark green, but under brighter lighting and outdoors, you can see more of the blue/green tones. Their website describes the color aptly, by saying "mood ring blue/green shimmer". I only have one other Lippmann polish and it is among my untried's, so I'm very pleased with my first experience from this line.

Speaking on untried's, I am trying very hard to get my polishes in some kind of organized order. I picked up a CD stand thinking I could use something like that to store/display them on, but after starting to sort through things earlier this week, I realized that I was only fooling myself thinking this would accommodate everything. So I decided to use that stand for my untried's, and I am filling it up rather quickly. I would venture to say that it now holds about 1/3 of the untried's. Yikes! I'm going to keep working on this task and hopefully have it completed over the next week or two. Are you happy with your storage system for your polishes? I'd be interested in hearing how you categorize and store/display yours.


  1. I love the color too! It is such a beauty.
    I aslo have a lot of untried polishes, but i am in no rush, I also ear the old ones, don´t want them to cry :)

  2. Like your spider! That's really a pretty shade. I got an email from Deborah Lippmann yesterday. I had commented on Funky Chunky somewhere and she emailed me about it. She was very nice explaining that it was a fashion forward look. Not to apply it thicky, etc. Well I went on the Hello Gorgeous web site yesterday. They carry Lippmann and they have Superstar and the others that were in the special collecttion. The have them on sale and also sold seperately! If I had know this was going to happen I wouldn't have bought the special collection. I really only wanted Superstar. Anyway they are on sale but I forget the price. Sorry for that rant. I'm not reorganizing my polish also. I have 2 six drawer stacks. One is packed full. I had no idea I would need another! Unfortunately the bottom 2 drawers are hard as hell to open and close. I probably should just break down and buy 2 Helmers. I'd have to order by mail.

  3. Love the nail polish on you. SUch a pretty color :)

    I am having my own storage problems too!! lol Trying to look into getting a helmer, but the closest one is 300 miles away.

  4. That colour tooks beautiful on you!

  5. Hi!

    That is a gorgeous color! I love vampy dark colors for the fall, thanks for sharing and your very thoughtful review! Hmm for nail polish storage, have you tried those metal ones from head2toebeauty or 8ty8beauty? They're like the ones you see in the salon and you can hang them on the wall. I've been people with larger collections store nail polish that way. :)

    Thanks you so much for following my blog, it means a lot.

  6. what a sleek color.. i love it, it makes a statement definitely.. but whats funny is i have the same cd stand that i keep nail polish stuff on lol

  7. OH MY GOD. Firstly for that amazing polish. I love that colour but I adore deep greens so it's a given that this is right up my street. Secondly for that stand being just a third of your untrieds. I have nail polish envy. I have just a small amount compared to this that are all stored in a vanity case style bag.


  8. This one looks very similar to Misa's Toxic Seduction! I'm running out of places to put my nail polishes too!

  9. That is a gorgeous color! I love it on you! Wow. Only 1/3 of your untrieds up there?! And is that a 3x3 of untried MACs? :)

  10. That's a beautiful colour! Its going onto my wishlish now.
    And same here, I running outta storage as well!

  11. Oh, this is a pretty color, Mary!
    I keep getting sidetracked by how freaking cool your blog looks, all decked out for Halloween - I LOVE it! :) (Of course, right?)
    At any rate, well, you probably saw my storage post - I'm using the plastic shoeboxes. I'd really like to get a Helmer, or two, but I'm in the same situation as Brooke in that the closest Ikea is in Charlotte, NC and that's quite a hike - and to have it shipped almost doubles the cost, from what I'm understanding.
    I hope that I can find something in the container store that will be a similar solution.
    I'm much less organized than you, for one thing, I'm still organizing by brand! And I had a shoe box for untrieds, but they overflowed into another, and another, so I put them all back into boxes by brand. Ah well. I need to work on something! Not much help, am I? I like the idea of your rack - but WOW, only 1/3? I'd LOVE to see your stash!

  12. I have three DVD shelf units to store my nail color on. They each have seven shelves, but I need to use the top of them now, as I have no room for my nail treatments or any new nail color. I now need to rearrange my spa room to accomodate a fourth DVD shelf unit. I have my nail color in alphabetical order by brand and then alphabetized by name in each brand.

  13. What a coincidence, I just made a post of Misa Toxic Seduction what seems to me quite similar. Don't Tell Mama has a hint of blue that I don't see in Toxic Seduction.

    I have one Helmer where I keep my polishes. I've been planning to separate my untrieds, but I have a problem with that: I cannot decide is a polish untried until I have made whole manicure with it, or until I have use it in decorating or konading? Or is it untried until I open the bottle :-O ? I hope you understand what I mean :-)

  14. I have helmers - I organize by brand then collection, and then have swatch sticks organized by color so I can tell what I have. I think I need to stick labels on the tops of bottles, though... *sigh* Then I have a spreadsheet to keep track of what's tried and untried.

  15. That color kinda reminds me of Sinful's What's Your Name in a way. I love dark colors like that, with just a hint of color.

    How many nail polishes would you say you own?

    I don't have a particular way to organize mine, they're all just packed into a too-small Sterilite container. I would like to get some sample wheels somewhere to give myself an at-a-glance idea of what I've got, though!

  16. First - I love the added cobweb to your banner :) Very cool!
    I am not happy with my organization system. I have my polishes arranged by color in my closet in plastic shoe boxes that are labeled. My collection is growing. And so are my untrieds! I keep my untried separated as the ones that are ready to be used and the ones that have to be swatched first (and then go into either their appropriate bin after wear or into the untrieds!) I also have them in the part of my closet where the sliding doors don't open all the way in front of them, so I have to do some manuevering. I am thinking of getting some kind of file cabinet or something for inside the closet instead. I don't know. I'm always interested in what other bloggers and nail polish addicts do so thank you for starting this conversation!

  17. AllYouDesire~my untried ones are out of control! Partially due to all of the new collections last month, I think. I love this Lippmann shade, makes me want more.

    Lucy~I really love this shade! The spider was scaring people so it has been replaced by something less scary! Helmer's sound good, but everytime I've stored mine where I can't readily see them, I tend to forget about them.

    Brooke~thank you! I don't have an IKEA nearby eaither and the shipping is outrageuos, so I've heard.

    Pinkginger~thanks, glad you like it too :)

    Kalmo~I'll probably need a rack once I'm done organizing, because I think I'll have just enough room for everything I have, which means I'll have no room for anything new! Your very welcome on my follow. Keep up the great work :)

    Tiffany~it is a unique color, I love it. That's funny that we both have the same one! 2 days after I took this picture, it's already full and I'm not done yet :/

    Eliza~it's very pretty, I totally agree. Don't have polish envy, I'm starting to think I have a mental illness (not the first time I've thought that, either!).

    Nail Fanatic~yes, some similarities to Misa's. I love shades like that. Glad I'm not the only one having storage issues.

    Kae~thank you! Yes, and it's now full and I still have more to add. I'd better get busy using these untried's to make room for more untried's! Yep, a 3x3, ha-ha!

    Berry T~a great one for the wishlist! Yay, another person with storage problems. We need an intervention :)

    Nicole~happy you like the Halloween theme! I love my Lippmann and am plotting to order more. If I ever finish organizing, I'll be sure to post my stash, and then when I see the reality of it, I'll probably have to go to a nail polish addict rehab facility!

    Siamese Flame-dvd units make good nail polish storage racks. My home office is nothing but a nail polish/make up den!

    Amabile~they are definitely in the same family of color. I do understand...I guess if I'd used it just as a Konad, I wouldn't consider it 'used' yet.

    Krisprimps~I abondoned my spreadsheet a long time ago and once I get re-organized, I'm going to start that all over again too.

    Carley~I really don't know, but it would be safe to say over 1,000. I use lots of sample the point where I'm going to have to figure out how to store those too!

    Beautyjudy~thanks, I like the way the layout for Halloween turned out! I loved reading all of these responses and I loved it even more that we're not alone in our storage problems :)