Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Essie Viva La Vespa

Above & Below: Essie Viva La Vespa, outdoors with no flash.

Above & Below: The picture above is indoors with a flash and below is a close-up of the glitter.
Essie's Viva La Vespa has got to be one of my favorite shades, definitely in my Top 10. It's discontinued, as is my other Essie favorite, Starry Starry Night. Viva La Vespa is still able to be purchased here and there, much more so than SSN. Viva La Vespa is not only a perfect shade of royal purple, but it also has blue, red and purple shimmer. What else is so unique about it? Well, it's somewhat iridescent, somewhat of a duo chrome and it glows. You know how some polishes just have a luminous, glowy look to them? This one definitely does. I used 3 coats and as always with Essie, the finish is a high shine gloss. Now, if I could get my hands on Starry Starry Night, my life would be complete. Maybe not complete, but it would definitely make me happy!

I'll be stalking Essie's web site tomorrow, because their "Sweet Time of the Year" collection is supposed to be available around October 15. How many of you are interested in the "Sweet Time of the Year" collection? I definitely think Mint Candy Apple is going to be a big seller.


  1. Oh yeah that is a looovely shade.. love it :) and so great pictures ;)

  2. OMG! I want this one so much :) It looks so nice on you Mary!

  3. Why does Essie always discontinue the best colors?!I love this purple but Starry Starry Night is on my list first. I think we should start a campaign. lol

  4. That is really beautiful - just stunning on you! Love it.

  5. Mary I'm all about getting Mint Candy Apple, I was going to stalk the site too LOL! This is a gorgeous purple and it looks absolutely wonderful on your nails!

  6. Wow! That is a stunning colour. Doesn't get more purple than that. Love it.


  7. That purple is amazing! I thought I found my HG purple with CG's Let's Groove, but THIS IS AMAZING!!! Such a deep and beautiful purple!

  8. I wish I could find this color! It does look royal and just beautiful.

  9. Aaaaah that is so gorgeous! I'm over here swooning

  10. Love this color. I definitely want Mint Candy Apple!

  11. Gorgeous purple on you. Isn't there any other polish like this? Everything is starting to look the same to me. I hope we can all find that special polish that we want.

  12. This is gorgeous! I remember reading about Starry Starry Night YEARS ago,but I wasn't interested in buying it until it was too late.I hate when that happens.Companies really need to stop doing this.

  13. Boy...this color sure does glow. It's just gorgeous on the nails. I really want Mint Candy Apple.

  14. Why would they discontinue such a gorgeous color? I can just imagine this prettiness on me!

  15. rijaH~I love this shade! I think I took too many pictures of it!

    AllYouDesire~VNS still had a few left. I see it available every now and again, but it's getting harder to find.

    Adorepink~I don't know, I think it's a marketing ploy!

    Helen~thank you, it is rather pretty :)

    Phyrra~thanks, I love this one. It's just so deep and rich.

    BeautyJudy~still stalking the site! VLV is a beautiful shade, no doubt about it.

    Eliza~it is very vivid! But stunning :)

    Carley~this is a great purple. There's a lot of nice ones out there, but this one is a stunner.

    Denny~check with VNS if you're in the States. Otherwise, just keep your eye out for it, you'll find it!

    Kae~this would look wonderful on you!

    Nail Fanatic~thanks! Where is Mint Candy Apple...we need it!

    Lucy~I imagine there are some very similar to this one. I like Essie's formula though, so this is one of my favorites purples.

    Pinkginger~I guess they can't keep all of their colors active, but the popular/cult ones should remain available.

    Velvet~I love glowy polishes! And yes, Mint Candy Apple is nice looking, but it needs to get on the site!

    The Pretty Brown Girl~I can imagine the prettiness on you too!

    Cali369~lush is a good word to describe it :)

  16. Essie Viva La Vespa is absolutely gorgeous! I like it darker with no flash though. ^^