Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Essie Sweet Time of the Year Giveaway & Swatches!

Above: Essie's recent release of their Winter Collection, Sweet Time of the Year, includes from L-R: Rock Candy, Lollipop and Mint Candy Apple.
Above & Below: Rock Candy applied nicely in 3 coats. It's a very pale shade of pink and the color deepens upon each coat. All photos were taken outdoors with no flash under cloudy skies.
Below: Lollipop was nearly opaque in one coat, but I decided to go with the usual 2. This is a red creme with slight red/orange tendencies and the application was perfect...I'm not saying my application was perfect, but rather the formula/consistency was perfect!

Above & Below: Mint Candy Apple is shown in 2 coats. The first coat went on a little streaky, but covered well with a second coat. I added 2 drops of thinner to it after the first coat, because it seemed a little on the thick side. It looks so creamy in real life! In the last photo, I added a coat of Essie's Matte About You.

Essie recently released a small Winter Color Collection and although it contains just 3 shades, I love it. I was initially drawn to Mint Candy Apple, but after using all of them, I am equally smitten with the other two. According to their creator, Essie Weingarten, she says "This Season, I wanted to create a new set of classic, fun colors that are wearable on every skin tone." Mint Candy Apple is described as a creme de mint mint (that's not a typo!), Lollipop as a candy cane red, and Rock Candy as a sweet pink treat. Here's what I personally like about each one: Rock Candy, although considered a sheer and not extremely colorful, gives a very nice, clean look to the nail. It looks simple and finished, and sometimes that's what an occassion calls for. Lollipop is such a vivid shade and the coverage and ease of application makes for a quick and eye-catching look. Mint Candy Apple is mint green. Need I say more? These are available on their web site in full-sized bottles and also as 4-piece mini set, which includes a bottle of their 3-Way Glaze.

If you'd like a chance to win a set of all 3 shades in the full-sized bottle, just leave a comment below with your e-mail. To make it a little more interesting, tell me what your favorite Essie polish is or what shade you'd like to see Essie come out with. I'll start by telling you my favorite...it's hard to pick just one, but of the polishes I have, I'd probably say either Huckle Buckle or Viva La Vespa. As far as what I'd like to see them come out with, certainly a re-release of Starry Starry Night would be a wish of mine. Otherwise, I'd have to say some unique shades of green with various finishes. I'll draw a random winner on Thursday, October 22, so have your entries in by midnight, October 21 (tomorrow). Followers only please (via my blog, Twitter, etc.), and International followers are also welcome to enter.


  1. carleyjensen -@- gmail.com

    I wish SO MUCH that they would re-release Starry Starry Night. It is such a beautiful color... I love any color with silver glitter and a dark blue base!

  2. Great giveaway! I especially love the pink in this collection.

    blog.jellynat [at] gmail.com

    My absolute favorite Essie is "Bachelorette Bash". I love that this violent magenta is almost on the verge of purple but not really. I love blue pinks.

  3. excellent giveaway Mary,and I must confess I have yet to try a Essie polish!

    These colours look great on you and your application is always perfect


  4. Wow, Mint Candy Apple looks stunning :) great giveaway!

    that-white-girl [at] live [dot] co [dot] uk

    I can't say what my favourite Essie polish is as I've never had the chance to try one! They're very expensive and hard to come by in the UK, as are China Glaze, OPI, Zoya etc :(

    I always keep up to date with swatches though, and I thought Bright Tights from the fall collection recently was a really awesome colour :)

  5. Great giveaway!I love mint candy apple! My favourite Essie is Island Hopping and I would so love to re-release Barbuda Banana, such an amazing yellow shade!!

    By the way I love your nail in that more squere shape!

    Count me in of course(the day I win a giveaway I'll jump around like a 5-year old!lol)


  6. lacquerbelle at yahoo.com

    I would love for them to come up with a forest green! Or they could re-release Dominica Green :)

  7. i haven't tried anything from Essie yet..
    i haven't even seen it here in the Philippines

    i thin kit would be nice if they can come out with fun colors such as holographic one..


  8. these shades are really beautiful, look great on your nails<3

    and a big YES to the giveaway, would love to enter:) my sortiment of essie polishes is rather minimal or there's only one polish I own, Fiji, but from the swatch pictures Aruba looks amazing, and of course Starry starry night!

    anitaflis at yahoo dot de

  9. Oh yay we have the same favorite! I love Viva La Vespa. I would really like to see Essie step outside of their box and make some holo's or duochromes!

    PS those colors look beautiful on you and I love the new nail shape!

  10. I love this collection!

    My favorite has to be Shelter Island.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  11. oh I love your nails short! my email is anotheremptysky at gmail.com and my fave essie is sexy divide. I wish they would rerelease dominca green! it looks gorgeous in pics.

  12. I haven't had a chance to use Essie either... :( But I have to say I can't wait to get my fingers on that Rock Candy, it's beautiful...LOVE IT!!!

    My email is... blankenshipbabbles@gmail.com

  13. My favorite is "Priceless"! As far as I know, it has been discontinued.

    I would love it if Essie took some higher risks, they come out with far to many cremes. I'd love to see some more glitters, you have to love those glitters!

    monticka at gmail dot com

  14. I would love to get my hands on "Starry Starry Night", but my favorite of the Essie's I have is the limited edition PAMA red.


  15. Oh such a beautiful color!! Everyone here loves Starry starry night, why can't essie re-release it?! Great giveaway :)

  16. My favorite is chubby cheeks.

    kiwi411111 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  17. My favourite Essie is Rose Bowl. I got this as a gift for getting my BSc from a good friend who knows how much I love nail polish.
    Thank you so much for the give-away!

  18. My favorite Essie is Mesmerize and who wouldn't like to see Essie re-release Starry Starry Nights or Ruby Slippers.

    savannahstasher27 at msn dot com

  19. I love your blog!!
    (but my wallet doesn't..:-p)
    Before your posting I decided that I would only buy the mint green Mint Candy Apple but after your posting, I'm going for the lot! Hope I win..

  20. Ahh, missed to tell my favourite. In the bottle, it's Wild Thing, but I have a huge "untried list" and if I just choose from my tried, Over the Knee would be up there..
    Subtle but poignant, in my opinion.. .-)

  21. That's a really nice set of colours :)
    Please enter me in the giveaway:

    My favorite Essie polish is Wicked, for me it's the ultimate deepest red, very "femme fatale" and I would also love to see a reedition of Starry Starry Night

  22. I'd like to see Essie release some sparkly polishes and of course a re-release of Starry Starry Night.
    jacie7 at hotmail dot com

  23. can't say what my fave essie polish is, as i don't own one! :( but i'm dying to get my hands on starry, starry night (this seems to be everyone's favorite lol) or ruby slippers.

    nirfreak03 @ aol.com

  24. allyoudesire.blog@centrum.cz

    I don´t have an Essie polish at the moment, but can´t wait to get their fall collection :) When I saw them on you, I really had to buy them!

  25. Love your blog. I can't remeber the name but it was Hollywood red. It has gold gliter. Also like Stary Stary night.

  26. Wow, great give away! I absolutely NEED the mint candy apple!
    Hm, its hard to pick a favorite. But right now I'm in love with grey shades so I'll have to say Chinchilly.
    As many others I would love love love a re-release of Starry Starry Night, been wanting that one for what feels like forever!
    I follow your blog thru the google thing, friend connect.

  27. I would love to be entered in this giveaway! e-mail is delaynee88@hotmail.com

    My favourite essie polish that I have seen is Chinchilly.. I cannot wait to order it! To me it is a shade that I haven't ever really seen in nail polish form!!

  28. Beautiful swatches!

    It's hard to choose one favorite Essie...maybe Arua Blue or Forever young or Tomboy no more :))
    The re-release of Starry Starry night would be great and I'd also like to see something dark green in Essie collection of colors

    my email: renatamedved(at)gmail.com

  29. Hmmm... I only have a few Essies but at this point my favorite is Viva La Vespa. And I think it'd be great for them to rerelease SSN or Ruby Slipper


  30. Hi Mary!
    I love Essie's Thigh High.
    o0ostaro0o at sbcglobal.net

  31. Another giveaway! Your amazing! My favorite Essie color is Sag Harbor. When I wore it for the first time I couldn't stop staring at my nails. It was just a beautiful color on me. I never say that about myself but it just looked good. Thank you Mary. I love those three shades on you. I even like the sheer one. Your right it gives a very clean appearance.

  32. DeathUnbalanced@gmail.com

    I love Starry Starry Night!
    I wish they would release it again. <3

  33. I la-la-love this collection. Mint Candy Apple has me swooning.


  34. Adore the new nail shape, Mary! =]
    I'm love how Essie's Matte About You makes everything even better, but I couldn't choose a favorite color...thanks!
    wixology @ gmail . com

  35. Shooo!! Barely getting in on this one in time! I only have one Essie I can think of and I can't remember the name of it!! Yikes! It is similar to Color Club's Power Play - a neon purple, possible short shorts? It was from their spring or summer collection last year I believe - anyhooo! I would like to see more holos from them! Do they have any so far???

  36. My favourite was Greenport but I think Mint Candy Apple is going to be my new favourite!


  37. Hi!
    Haven't tried essie.. but i would like to have pink with more of a red tones on it...
    i missed your long nails
    jhoannz28 @ gmail.com

  38. I love Sag Harbor and Greenport. I do they they need to be a tad more adventurous - go glitter and holo polishes!


  39. HI! I think my favorite Essie is Funky Limelight. It is just so amazing for a polish color

  40. I absolutely love Cute As A Button. I do not own it yet because I don`t order any online and Essies`s are a tad hard to find in Canada. But one day I will find it!

  41. Rock Candy looks really pretty. I only own a few Essies, but Starry Starry Nights happens to be one of them. :)

  42. Great colors! I love Mint Candy Apple ^^
    And my favorite Essie polish is Infatuation!
    Thanks a lot.
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  43. Hmmm let's se.. I think my fave Essie would be BIG SPENDER, :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  44. I'd looove for Essie to re-release Dominica Green, or for a new bright green creme. Essie doesn't often come out of their safe red-pink zone but when they do I'm blown away by the amazingness. Neons! Greenport! So I'm sure a deep green by them would be awesome.

    sugarcoated790 at hotmail dot com

  45. Oh wow. Such gorgeous colors! I love the mint candy apple, but I'm really loving lollipop. It's gorgeous!

    My favorite Essie polish is Mesmerize. I know there are a ton of blue polishes out there, but every time I wear this blue I find myself always falling even more in love with it. Just like tonight! I decided to use it with some nail art! hehe

    ashley_c_014 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  46. I really like Rock Candy out of the 3, is that just wrong or what? lol well ok Mint Candy is a very close second! I like the matte look on it too.

    I would love to see Essie bust out some glitter bombs! Like the kind you curse and spend 30 minutes removing haha. :D


  47. Thank you for the giveaway Mary! They all look fabulous on you!

    My favourite Essie polish is Sexy Divide, it's such a pretty purple! And oh my gosh, I really hope that they could re-release Starry Starry Night. I've been lemming it for the looongest time. Lol! :D


  48. Hi,

    just came across your blog and lucky me, you're having a giveaway!

    I haven't had the good fortune of owning any Essie nail polishes yet as they are not readily available in retail outlets where I am but would be ecstatic if i won my first ones from you :-)

    However i have heard of Essie Loves Diamonds range which is infused with real diamond dust and would love the true red called "Queen of Hearts". Would feel as if i have diamonds on all my fingers!!! Mmmmmm

    dalamkotak [at] gmail dot com

  49. berryhappynails@hotmail.com

    I don't own a lot of Essies cos they're hard to find where I am. I have the North Fork collection thought and they're my fave. Sorry, can't choose 1 outta 3 =)

    I'll love for Essie to re-release some of their much sought afters like SSN, Viva La Vespa. Would kill alot of lemmings out there! =)

  50. nyemelis (at) gmail

    I love rock candy!

  51. I love Essie Essie Loves Diamonds range Clutch me if you can because it looks very classy and sophisticated! And most important of all, it looks very outstanding for all my outfit !

    And if at all I could hope Essie to come out with will be , since there is a Essie Loves Diamonds range, why not Essie Loves Gold range!! Well girls just loves accessories !bling bling kind ~


  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. So far I really love "Island Hopping," but have longed for that limited edition giveaway "Pama." I still have a few bottles I have yet to try that could possibly steal my heart.

    I never appreciated her sheers, but as of late there are times when the right Essie sheer is the perfect touch.


  54. Thanks for an interesting blog! I follow you all the way from Sweden =)

    My Essie wish have to be a re-release of Starry starry night too!


  55. I really like Baby Cakes and is a must have at some point for me.. well when I find it somewhere and its not to expensive and all that :(


    Nice you have a give-away again already :)

  56. I think I am too late for this which make me very sad as they are gorgeous!

    For what its worth, Huckle Buckle is my favourite too (and seeing it on your blog was what made me buy it!) and I cannot wait til Work Appropriate Week is over and I can review it.

  57. My favorite Essie nail polish that I own is the Pama shade, eventhough I would love to own Starry Starry Night. My email is zesg88@bellsouth.net

  58. The Essie color I loooove is love, beverly hills (limited edition.) The "infused with 24k gold" part really got me going! LOL I also like Sag Harbor.

    I would like to see Essie come out with an electric blue!

    My email is gogamble3@yahoo.com. I follow you on Twitter (bapbutterfly.)

  59. These are adorable and very sweet indeed, almost candy like

  60. I would have to go with Wicked and Ballet Slippers being my favorite (too hard to pick just one). They are both timeless, classic colors. Thanks!

  61. hi i love fruit sangria... and im really liking how the mint candy apple looks the first time i saw it was in a magazine and i loved it!!!!

    janet03736 @ yahoo.com

  62. flinty.at.porp @ gmail.com

    Favorite: Shelter Island. I do wish they'd rerelease SSN too!

  63. Hi Mary, I just saw this post from MUA - I 've never tried Essie polishes but love all three colors you've shown! I guess if I had to pick one, I looove Mint Candy Apple! Thanks so much for doing the contest!


  64. My favorite essie is either Greenport or Rock Star Skinny. I'm loving the way Mint Candy Apple looks, can't wait to try it. orange_ember@hotmail.com

  65. I don't know that I have a favorite. I am drawn to mostly pinks though (my favorite color). mhkramer81@yahoo.com

  66. eliza (dot) mclellan@yahoo.co.uk

    Loving Rock Candy. I haven't tried any Essie yet but I really want to get my hands on another pink too "Put A Ripka Ring On It". Want them both.



  67. Just like everyone else, I wish that they would re-release Starry Starry Night and Ruby Slippers.

    My favorite Essie color is Mesmerize.

    I subscribe to your blog through e-mail.


  68. My favorite color is Fishnet Stockings. I'm a sucker for reds.


  69. Wow thanks for the gorgeous swatch pictures and reviews. At first, I was only interested in the mint polish but now I want the candy red apple one as well. :) They're so pretty!

    Thanks so much for the nice giveaway. I wish Essie would release Starry Starry Night again as well. My favorite Essie polish is Mucho Dinero, a really lovely nude/neutral creme. :) My email is applegrace at gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  70. These colors are beautiful and your nail always look so great!! I think my favorite color at the moment is "bright tights" but it changes!!

    jbbird AT duo-county DOT com

  71. Essie is awesome. The best is Mink Muffs.
    xemailheather [at] gmail [dot] com

  72. Hm..so many to pick from. SSN and Aruba Blue are definitely in the top favorites of mine. I would love to see bolder greens as well.


  73. Hi, my fave Essie is Macks (it is a sentimental choice). Essie does such a great job when they step outside their red/pink/sheer comfort zone, they should do it more often. I'm katykatt@hotmail.com

  74. Hey there!
    I like a lot of Essie colors. One of my favorites is MACKS.

  75. Hi Mary!
    I'd love to be entered in this giveaway. I haven't tried a lot of Essie colors yet - isn't that crazy? But I'd love to see them re-release Starry Starry Night, because every swatch looks stunning. Of the polishes I have, my favorite is Sag Harbor, but I still haven't been able to find Greenport, which I think I'd like more! :)
    My email address is tangerine.trees AT gmail.com
    These are so pretty! And as I suspected, I love the Mint Candy Apple most, and I like it matte too!

  76. Thank you for your swatches - they are gorgeous!

    My favorite Essie would have to be "Sugar Daddy." It's the first Essie that I got, and my mom and I both love it.

    A lot of readers said this already, but I'd love it if Essie brought back Starry Starry Night. It's such a pretty color!

    lady_fumiko AT yahoo dot com

  77. Thanks for all of your entries! I've enjoyed reading your comments about which Essie's you like and what you'd like to see them come out with.

  78. Hmm, that red looks really great :-)
    my mail: dayspassion@gmail.com
    favourite Essie: Lady godiva (reminds me cup of hot chocolate and little bit of chilli :-))
    I d love to have Opi siberian nights with silver glitters (or pink) and essie brush...

  79. my email is crystaldauria at gmail dot com
    And I really wish I could get SSN!

  80. my favourite essie polish is greenport.
    and my email is safronjade@hotmail.com