Thursday, October 1, 2009

Color Club's Japanese Glitter for VNS & October's Contest

Above & Below: 2 coats of the Color Club for VNS Exclusive Japanese Glitter over bare nails. The base is a very pale pink jelly with little to no color. The glitter is small, hexagonal and somewhat holographic, reflecting and changing color at every angle.
Below: Close-up of the polish over a bare nail.
Below: 1 coat over OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede shows you how well it works as a top coat to enhance any color polish. This is one coat and personally, I prefer the look that 2 coats gives, which I've shown below on Misa's Toxic Seduction.
Note: I apologize for the dim look of the photos, but I don't think we've seen anything but heavy cloud cover for more than a week now.
Below: Misa's Toxic Seduction, a beautiful blackened teal/forest green shimmer.
Below: Toxic Seduction with 2 coats of the VNS Glitter. This look is why I prefer 2 coats, it's a mini color explosion!

Victoria Nail Supply recently received a fifth Color Club Japanese Glitter that is available exclusively on their site. It actually doesn't have a name yet because they were shipped without the name labels, but Yen tells me the labels are on the way. It is similar to the other 4 that became available last month, only this one has a silver cap. Formula-wise, it's the same basic concept as the others, but this one works exceptionally well as a top coat to enhance the look of whatever color base you're wearing. Worn alone, it gives virtually no color to your nail other than the color-changing holographic glitter, whereas the others gave some base color (some more than others). I tried using the lightest one, Sakura Glow in a similar manner for a top coat, and it didn't give me the same effect as this 'yet to be named' polish did. I used one coat over OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede and 2 coats over Misa Toxic Seduction. It doesn't change the base color very much, but it truly dresses up your nail look. What I like about it the most, is the changing or shifting look it gives, especially when using 2 coats. The glitter is small, similar to the other Japanese Glitters, but it seems to give off a more vibrant display of color and flash.

In other news...I can't believe it's October already! Besides using the month to do some fun Halloween-themed looks on my nails, I think I'll use this lull between collections to show you some of my older polishes. Not necessarily 'hard to find' ones, although there will be some of those too, but there are so many that get pushed aside when we get bombarded with all of these new collections at one time. I looked through my blog archive for the posts I did in September and I think only 3 of 33 were not new collections. I enjoy seeing other polishes myself, so I hope you will too.

Along those lines, I thought it might be fun to offer a little old and a little new for October's Contest. I've partnered with Victoria Nail Supply again this month and the prize will be a $25.00 VNS gift certificate for the "new", and I've asked Yen to choose 6-8 retired and unique polishes for the "old". I have no idea what these are, and I think part of the fun is in the surprise. She has some things not listed on her website, as well as a list I think many of you are aware of, that has a number of retired Essie and OPI shades that they have a limited stock of. Between Yen and her Mom (who sounds like a delightful person as well), they have years of experience in the nail industry, so we'll let them use their knowledge and resources to put something together. That part will remain a surprise, but if I get any hints, I'll let you know. RULES: You must be a follower through some means, and this is open to International and US/Canadian followers. Send me an e-mail and put 'October Contest' in the subject line, including your first name and e-mail in the body of the message.

I've got several other giveaways planned this month, some nail-related, others beauty-related, so check back often and follow me on Twitter to stay updated. I do have some new collections on the way, including OPI's Holiday Wishes and Orly's Matte collection, so if you're looking for those, I'll have them shortly. I'm really looking forward to the China Glaze Winter collection as well as their Khromes collection, but in the meantime, I think I'll enjoy revisiting some of my older polishes.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to play with mine! :)

    Along the lines of that low-buy, I did have the Khromes and the Winter on the "approved, this is clearly not an impulse buy" list, though I'm kind of hoping they don't come out until November. :p

  2. Oh that's so pretty alone or layered.

  3. Oo! It's pretty! I like and I think I'm gonna get it!

  4. lovely glitter, it works really well alone or overlayered:) it great because it does not kill or change the colour beneath!

  5. October sounds like an exciting month! Another excellent giveaway! You are truly the sweetest person Mary. May God give you many blessings in return. That Japaneses glitter is lovely. I really love it over the Misa. I'll be visiting them soon!

  6. Krisprimps~we'll see how we do on our low-buy :) I also had the Khromes, ChG Dark Secrets (not sure if that's the right name) and OPI Holiday 'approved'. So hopefully nothing major will come along!

    Velvet~thanks, it's really pretty, I agree. Even alon, the silver really stands out when I'm holding still, and then it starts changing colors as I move my hand.

    Nail Fanatic~it's pretty alone, but it really is a nice layering polish to have on hand.

    KONADomania~right, the basic color stays the same underneath, which is sometimes what I want. It's fun layering, but when you're going for something specific, you don't want to be surprised when the top coat completely changes the base color!

    Lucy~it'll be a little slower in terms of new collections, but that's alright. Thanks, and where's your entry :)

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